Coimbatore: Another man has been arrested in Poksov for allegedly molesting a schoolgirl in Coimbatore. A 16-year-old schoolgirl from Kovai, 11, was talking to her boyfriend at a park in the same area at around 8 pm on the 26th of last month. The mob then attacked the boyfriend, threatening to call him the police. The student was then thrown into the closet and raped.

According to a complaint filed by the police, all the women’s police stations in the west of the city have registered a case. In this, Manikandan, 32, surrendered to the court. Subsequently, six of the accused were indicted under sections of the Pokோmon Act, intimidation and rape. They have also been taken into custody under the Thug Act, officials said. At this juncture, another Manikandan (29) from Vadavalli New Dilly Nagar area was reportedly involved in the incident.

Police were searching for him. Police have arrested Manikandan yesterday. According to police, Manikandan is the cousin of Manikandan, the first accused in the incident. The police are still investigating the case. As the incident goes on, is there any other important person involved? Was this joint sexual exploitation? Police are investigating the incident.