From ‘Lilo and Stich’ to ‘Deadpool’ or ‘Back to the Future’, there are many titles that suffered a snip in the editing room to avoid shocking the public. Those scenes have been kept unpublished and remained secret to audience which we will be unfolding curtain from it in this article.

Many of the great films in film history did not make it to theaters with all the sequences shot by their directors. Apparently harmless titles, some even aimed at children or young audiences, suffered a kind of censorship in the editing room considering that some of their sequences could be too offensive for viewers. In many cases, the intention was to obtain a rating that would reach a greater number of people, but in others, it was simply a last minute decision by the director with some scenes that either went beyond the general tone of the story, or they could hurt sensitivity depending on which audience. Looper has recovered some of them and, attention, because there are cases that we could not even imagine.

1. The ‘Lilo and Stitch’ plane crash

The 'Lilo and Stitch' plane crash

The Disney movie set in Hawaii and directed by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders modified the scene in which Lilo hijacks a commercial plane and collides with the buildings and was replaced by another with a spaceship flying through the mountains. The reason? It was too reminiscent of the terrible attacks on the New York Twin Towers that occurred on September 11, 2001.

2. Orgies on ‘It’

Orgies on 'It'

Before Andy Muschietti was in charge of directing, Cary Fukunaga was in charge, who, according to The Telegraph , horrified the parents of the protagonist children by teaching them the first version of the script, which included a scene in which the only female member from the Losers Club had sex with the six boys in the group to save them.

3. Sex in ‘Team America: The Police of the World’

Sex in 'Team America: The Police of the World'

Up to nine times the final montage of the film directed by Trey Parker had to be modified to obtain the R rating that allowed children under 17 to go to theaters if they did so accompanied by adults or guardians. The scissors affected the sex scenes between the leading puppets.

4. Coulson’s death in ‘The Avengers’

Coulson's death in 'The Avengers'

Joss Whedon had to smooth out the Coulson (Gregg Clark) stabbing sequence at the hands of Loki (Tom Hiddleston) who, in the first version, was much bloodier and more viscera.

5. The butcher shop of ‘Scream’

The butcher shop of 'Scream'

The quintessential slasher directed by Wes Craven underwent many modifications, all related to the viscera that appeared in many sequences. Among them, one showing the intestines of Casey’s boyfriend (Drew Barrymore) and the stabbing between Billy (Skeet Ulrich) and Stu (Matthew Lillard). Some cuts that, to his surprise, he did not have to apply in the fourth installment.

6. Murphy’s death in ‘Robocop’

Murphy's death in 'Robocop'

Paul Verhoeven cut four seconds to get the R rating: two from the table shot received by Mr. Kinney (as Kevin Fage explained to the Hollywood Reporter ) and another two from the flying head of the protagonist, played by Peter Weller. In addition, the famous sequence in which he loses his arm and hand only lasted a second, while in the initial assembly the wound was shown in much more detail.

7. The ‘Deadpool’ bar sequence

The 'Deadpool' bar sequence

Tim Miller did not dare cross the line proposed by TJ Miller and Ryan Reynolds with a sequence that took place in a bar. “It seemed too much. Too many people would have been offended so I said, ‘No, we don’t have to do this,’ ”he explained on CinemaBlend.

8. The ‘domestication party’ of ‘Zootropolis’

The 'domestication party' of 'Zootropolis'

The original version of the animation tape contained sequences in which predatory animals were identified with a collar that ‘warned’ them whenever they had carnivorous appetites. A detail that Byron Howard, one of the directors, immediately related to symbols that, such as the triangle of the Jews, had identified certain groups throughout history.

9. The “Osmosis Jones” sperm gym

The "Osmosis Jones" sperm gym

The snip on the Farrelly brothers’ tape occurred at the scene inside Frank’s testicles. Ozzy and Drax visited the sperm cells of the Gonad Gym. Something that, after considering offensive, remained in a simple allusion in the form of a sticker on a suitcase.

10. The ‘Gangster Squad: Elite Brigade’ movie massacre

The 'Gangster Squad: Elite Brigade' movie massacre

Reality surpassed fiction before the premiere of the film directed by Ruben Fleischer and whose first trailer showed the sequence of the shooting in a cinema full of Chinese. A few weeks later, the front pages of the newspapers opened with the fateful news of the massacre caused by James Holmes in a Colorado movie theater that ended with 12 deaths and 70 injuries. The director then decided to re-record the sequence out of respect for the families of the victims and was very satisfied with the result.

11. The rape of ‘How to finish without your boss 2’

The rape of 'How to finish without your boss 2'

According to Jennifer Aniston in the Conan program , there was a sequence that Sean Anders eliminated from the final montage: the character played by Charlie Day was in a coma and Aniston was having sex with him.

12. Edward’s stab in ‘Divergent’

Edward's stab in 'Divergent'

At one point in the Neil Burger-directed film, the character played by Ben Lamb was stabbed in the eye as Triss (Shailene Woodley) tried to hold back the blood. The sequence did not hit theaters.

13. The sex scene from ‘The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman’

The sex scene from 'The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman'

As told in Variety , Evan Rachel Wood caught a monumental piss-off when she learned that the scene in the Fredrik Bone-directed movie in which her character was receiving oral sex had been removed. Once again, censorship was only looking for a rating that encompassed more viewers.

14. Baby Hitler from ‘Deadpool 2’

Baby Hitler from 'Deadpool 2'

The David Leitch-directed film was to feature a post-credit scene in which the character played by Ryan Reynolds traveled to the past to kill baby Hitler. Screenwriter Rhett Reese explained to CBR the reason why he finally got his groove on: “We thought it was too tough. Not because of killing Hitler, but because of killing a baby. ”

15. The testicular inspection of ‘Canine super agent’

The testicular inspection of 'Canine super agent'

The problem was not the moment in which the protagonist dog has to undergo the inspection but the way in which they explain it to him by saying that he has to go to a ‘zen’ place. That’s when all the alarms went off.

16. The assault of ‘Kick Ass 2: With a pair’

The assault of 'Kick Ass 2: With a pair'The part where Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s henchmen sexually assault the girl, worked in the comics but was too violent for her film version.

17. The homophobic comment from ‘Back to the Future’

The homophobic comment from 'Back to the Future'

Michael J. Fox, protagonist of the Robert Zemeckis classic, had an unfortunate script line that was eventually removed. It was, specifically, during a conversation with Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) it ended like this: ‘What if I go back to the future and end up being… gay’. It was deleted.