Developments in mobile technology are advancing very quickly and this means that many devices are short on resources in a short time. Although over time, Android applications become more powerful and integrate more functions, they also consume many resources and this means that devices with fewer resources are lagging behind in terms of performance. For this reason, in 2017 Google brought Android Go to the market, a light version of its operating system for computers that are running low on resources.

Based on this, the company began developing Go versions of its apps that take up less space and consume less resources. In that sense, we will show you some of these apps that are available to use even if you don’t have Android Go.

Google go

It is the same as the Google application that we have on our computers, but with a peculiarity that helps it to be lighter: it does not incorporate the Google assistant. In this sense, you will have the possibility of doing the usual searches, in addition to being able to display Google Lens and incorporate an incognito mode.

To try it out, follow this link .

Google Maps Go

It really is a progressive application so its weight is only 219kb, excellent for devices with few resources. Although the view is much simpler than in the full application, you will be able to consult maps, establish routes and even, you will have access to Street View, all without draining your team’s resources.

To install it, follow this link .

Camera go

Camera Go is one of the newest applications in the Android Go catalog and although its results are not as powerful as those of the full app, it is a great camera alternative for low-end devices. Among its most striking features is portrait mode and although it is not available in the Playstore, you can install it from the APK by following this link.

YouTube Go

Another great alternative to the Go catalog that is worth installing on any computer to save resources. Unlike its full version, which weighs around 130MB, YouTube Go occupies just under 30MB, which is excellent news for any device with little space. The interface is very simple and stands out above all for its ability to download videos so that we can watch it offline.

To try it out, follow this link.