The Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 was passed in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. This bill has already been passed in the Lok Sabha. After the approval of Parliament on the Citizenship Amendment Bill, now immigrants living illegally in different parts of the country will be able to gain citizenship despite having no residence certificate. The deadline for becoming eligible for India’s national will be 31 December 2014. Meaning, those who enter India before this date or till this date will be eligible to apply for citizenship. Citizenship will apply from the previous date. However, this opposition was also opposed by many opposition parties including Congress. Know in this context what is this bill, reasons for protest and its meaning?

Let us tell about this bill through question and answer

First question- Why is this bill being called Amendment Bill?
Answer – Because there is already a law on this issue, the government is amending it. This law was first made in 1955. And since then it has been amended 8 times.

Second question – what is in the citizenship amendment bill?
Answer- This bill provides for the granting of citizenship of India to non-Muslim refugees from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. That is, refugees who have come to India on or before 31 December 2014 will get citizenship.

Third question – Who will come in the non-Muslim minority refugees?
Answer- Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Parsi and Christian community people will come in these.

Fourth question – Will refugees benefit only?
Answer- Refugees will be there, people living in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, people of Indian origin can also be its beneficiaries. Especially those who are victims of atrocities on religious grounds.

Fifth question – Why is this bill being opposed?
Answer- The opposition says that citizenship should not be obtained on the basis of religion, it is a violation of the right to equality.

Asaduddin Owaisi had torn the copy of the bill
When the issue was being debated in the Lok Sabha, AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi tore the copy of the bill. Owaisi alleged that this bill is against Muslims. However, on the order of the speaker, this incident was dropped from the proceedings. Opponents of the Citizenship Amendment bill say that the central government is discriminating on religious grounds. But, today we would like to remind such people of two incidents of history – the first is the bifurcation. And the second incident is the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. Around 8 to 10 lakh people were killed at the time of partition. While about 650 Pandits were killed in Kashmir. The basis of both these incidents was communal. Now when the Hindus being persecuted in the same country want to return to their land, there should be no objection. By the way, the government also said that if a Muslim citizen of any country will also apply for citizenship of India, then it will be considered with an open mind.

With this, this question may come in your mind that what difference will this law make on your life. If seen, you are not going to get any benefit directly. You are not going to get any money, bank balance is not going to increase. But this will definitely increase your moral strength.

Jews from all over the world struggled and made their country Israel
This land of India is the land of Hindus around the world. Regardless of the country in which Hindus live, their place of origin is India. Jews from all over the world struggled to make Israel their country. Similarly, persecuted Hindus in countries around the world, when they remain citizens of India, they will get their lost relationship. And with this the Indianness inside you will become stronger. The religion of giving shelter is an integral part of the Hindu tradition. That is, this new law will awaken the feeling of refuge in you. And your pride towards the country will also increase.


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