If you want to spend an intimate night and a lot of union as a couple, must perform romantic sexual positions that allow greater skin-to-skin contact. The below given top 5 romantic postures for intercourse is best for honeymoon couples and those who want to enjoy sex with a lots of romance.

Enjoying romantic sexual positions when making love allows greater skin-to-skin contact, a stimulation of the most pleasant erogenous zones for both of them, thus guaranteeing a passionate encounter and, above all, with a lot of emotional union with the couple .

Take note of the best positions when making love to have a special meeting that leaves you wanting more.

Romantic sexual positions

If you want to enjoy a very romantic night with your partner that not only helps you enjoy many orgasms, but improves the emotional connection between you, these sexual position options should be tried as soon as possible:

1. Teaspoon

It is the most romantic sexual position par excellence, since it allows smooth and pleasant movements while the man embraces the woman from behind. Performing it increases skin-to-skin sensations and favors additional stimulation of the breasts and clitoris.

According to Denise Knowles, sex therapist, skin-to-skin contact with the person you love creates more intimacy and a stronger bond, in addition to helping them have fewer arguments and complaints, because it favors the release of the hormone oxytocin, that gives us a feeling of well-being.

To do it, they should only lie on their side in bed, the man behind the woman and then the penetration is done , gently hugging the couple and stimulating the erogenous zones with their hands.

It is recommended that the woman lean forward slightly so that the penetration is deeper.

2. Lotus flower

Although it requires a little complicated body movements, it is worth doing because it allows a lot of visual contact between the couple , in addition to facilitating the stimulation of the breasts with the mouth and tongue.

The man should be placed in bed adopting the lotus position, then the woman should sit on top, allowing penetration and wrapping her partner’s body with her legs. She will be the one to lead the movement so she will have to push herself to go from top to bottom or making circles with her hips.

3. Courtesan

This is an extremely pleasurable position for women because it provides greater amplitude in the movements of the man’s pelvis, helping to enhance G-spot stimulation . Best of all, it is very easy to do.

The man should be standing in front of a table where the woman should be sitting on the edge with her legs spread. He will begin to penetrate as she wraps her legs around his waist to help make the movements more intense.

4. Star

In addition to being one of the most romantic sexual positions, it is also one of the most erotic because it quickly increases pleasure between the couple .

To do this it will be necessary for the man to sit in a chair or on the edge of the bed, with a firm back. Subsequently the woman will sit on him, then put one of his legs on one of the shoulders of his partner or if you prefer, you can put both legs on the shoulders during penetration . They will quickly notice the intense sensations and the deep union between them.

5. The rocking chair

It is undoubtedly a sexual position that allows you to see your partner’s eyes while they make love and enjoy a lot of pleasure together.

The man must lie on the bed or the floor, then the woman must straddle him, as if he were doing the “cowgirl” position. Once penetration occurs , he should raise his torso so that both of them are sitting face to face and legs intertwined.

Hold on tight and start making hip movements from front to back, coordinated, to enjoy the pleasure.

Perform these romantic sexual positions to make love in such a stimulating way that neither of you can forget. Share your favorite position.