73% Of Mexicans Support The Work Of Amlo To “tame” The Coronavirus: A Survey
73% Of Mexicans Support The Work Of Amlo To “tame” The Coronavirus: A Survey
Mexico is in the middle of phase 3 of the pandemic by coronavirus. Up to the moment, to have been registered 14 thousand 677 positive cases of the disease, and a thousand 351 decensos. According to the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, the pandemic has behaved according to what is expected by the specialists.

Since the pandemic arrived in the country, at the end of February, began to be implemented preventive measures like social distancing, sneezing etiquette and frequent washing of hands. However,as this was advanced, were established other such as social isolation, use of face cloths in public transport, and those included in the National Day of Healthy Distance, which were intensified when entering phase 3.

A large majority of mexicans support the work carried out by president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) to contain the outbreak of coronavirus and supports the decision to extend the quarantine measures until the end of may, showed a survey published on April 26.

The telephone consultation to 549 mexicans held from 17 to 21 April by pollster Buendia & Laredo showed that 73% gave a positive assessment of the efforts of López Obrador, with only 17% of the dissenting opinion. The rest gave no evaluation.

The 82% of the respondents assessed positively the measures taken by health authorities to reduce the spread of the virus.

The deaths more than doubled in a little over a week and the government of Mexico decreed that it was entering the acute phase of the pandemic, on the 21st of April, the day that completed the survey. Previously, extended the quarantine restrictions until may 30, and could extending them again, depending on the behavior of the epidemic in the next few weeks.

Around 72% of the respondents said they agree with postponing the social distancing, while that was rejected by 24%.

Mexicans are less certain about the economic management of the crisis on the part of Lopez Obrador, but the balance of opinion was still favourable. Around 62% said they supported the measures to revive the economy, with 32% of the opinion in disagreement.

The government is giving millions of loans to small businesses to help them overcome the pandemic, although the extent of the aid measures is modest compared with some countries.

At the beginning of the pandemic, López Obrador was criticized for allowing the holding of major public events. However, since he suspended the meeting, has insisted on the need to seek social distancing.

Seven out of 10 respondents agreed with the president that Mexico should not go into debt to tackle the crisis, but almost two-thirds also said that the government should allow companies to delay tax payments during the economic recession.

In addition, 71% said that it was more important to support the small and medium-sized enterprises that continue with the flagship project of López Obrador to build an oil refinery in the port of Dos Bocas in his home state of Tabasco, in southern Mexico.

The president issued a message on Sunday in which he assured that the country has managed to “tame” the pandemic and to prevent saturation of hospitals, thanks to the measures of health safety to be imposed by the Secretariat of Health (SSa).

Assured that Mexico has a 70% availability of beds of intensive therapy, fans and specialists, since the growth of the pandemic “has been horizontal and that has allowed us to prepare very well”..

*With information from Reuters