Danielle Conti, 43, a nurse at a New York hospital, faces charges of theft and credit card use of a Covid-19 patient.

Danielle Conti was charged with shoplifting and possession of stolen goods after stealing two of the credit cards of Mr. Anthony Catapano, who was treated at Staten Island University Hospital, New York City Police Department today for know.

Mr. Catapano, 70, was admitted to the hospital on April 4 for nCoV infection. He remained conscious when the burglary happened and later died on April 12 due to complications related to Covid-19.

“I was very shocked and lost faith,” his daughter, Tara, said. “I knew it was definitely a hospital employee because no outsiders were allowed to visit my father.”

Mr. Anthony Catapano and his wife
Mr. Anthony Catapano and his wife. Photo: CNN

Tara pays the bills to her father since her mother died in 2014 and doesn’t keep close track of his expenses. However, after Catapano’s death, Tara received a credit card statement for gasoline on April 9, although her father always bought gasoline with cash. At that time, he was “hospitalized and fighting for his life”.

The police even showed Tara video from a security camera at a supermarket, showing Ms. Conti using Catapano’s card to buy some goods. “They have sworn to protect and not to harm patients,” Tara said of the doctors.

Other lost assets of Mr. Capatano include eyeglasses, phones, cash in wallets, phone chargers and some photos. It is unclear where these assets are located and whether they were intentionally stolen.

In a statement, the public relations director of Staten Island Hospital, Christian Preston, said Ms. Conti, who has been working here since 2007, “was suspended from work and faced layoffs due to allegations on “. The hospital “is cooperating with law enforcement officials and conducting its own investigation”.

Conti has not made a statement and it is not clear whether she has a lawyer or not. A New York police spokeswoman said she had summoned the nurse to the Staten Island criminal court in September. Meanwhile, Tara said that she just wanted to know why Conti stole her father’s things.

“I want to know why she took advantage of my father while he was bedridden,” she said. “And I want to know how she feels if anyone does that to her relatives, her parents or her grandparents. I think when people do that, they don’t think like that. However, he was my father, a human being. I was indignant that Conti should have looked after my father and instead stole his things. “

The United States currently records nearly 79,000 deaths from Covid-19 in more than 1.3 million infections. The New York epidemic reported more than 340,000 infections, nearly 26,600 deaths.


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