Vagina causes white-colored thick-smelling discharge, itching, burning, and red-colored rash on the affected area. So, how to avoid it, you will know about it…

Most women face problems such as burning and itching in the vagina, which is known as yeast or vaginal infection. After all, why do this and how to avoid it, let’s know with experts.

What kind of physical condition is called yeast infection?

A fungus called Candida albicans is present in the vagina of all women. Sometimes its numbers start increasing very fast, which causes problems like itching, burning and rashes.

Why does this happen?

Usually, there is no harm to the body of a woman due to this fungus. The body’s immune system controls their numbers, but many times the use of antibiotics, along with the harmful bacteria necessary for the body, is also rapidly destroyed, giving the fungus called Candida albicans a full chance of spreading, because of which women Symptoms of yeast infection start appearing in the body. Such a problem may also occur if personal hygiene is not taken care of during periods.

Describe the major symptoms of this disease.

White colored thick-smelling discharge from itching, itching, burning and red rashes are seen on the affected area. There is also a possibility of swelling and peeling of the skin when the merge is increased.

Is it true that menopause increases its risk?

Yes, after menopause, the number of female hormones called progesterone and estrogen starts decreasing in the body of women. This is due to the secretion of the natural lubrication element in the vagina, but due to lack of these hormones, the secretion of such elements is reduced or stopped, which causes the problem of dryness in the vagina and some of the reasons Symptoms of this problem start appearing in women.

Does the risk of yeast infection increase during pregnancy?

Yes, some women experience such symptoms due to hormonal changes in pregnancy.

Is it true that the risk of yeast infection increases in women suffering from diabetes?

Yes, since the body’s immunity is weakened due to diabetes. Therefore, any infection develops in the body of diabetes patients very quickly and it is a little difficult to remove any infection from the body of diabetes patients as compared to normal people. The same thing applies in relation to yeast infection. Therefore, women suffering from diabetes should take special care of personal hygiene.

Does eating too sweet also cause such a problem?

This is true to a large extent. A fungus called yeast makes the extra sugar in the body its food. Therefore, people who consume sweet things in greater quantity increases the possibility of this infection.

Does yogurt intake help in preventing this problem?

This is true to some extent. Some yeast resistant ingredients are found in yogurt, which are helpful in protecting Vagina from infection. Therefore, to prevent this problem, include yogurt, buttermilk and lassi in your diet prominently.

Tell us about prevention and treatment of yeast infection.

Take special care of personal hygiene during periods. According to your need, change the sanitary pad at an interval of 4 to 6 hours. Do not use fragrance panty liners. Wash vagina only with plain water, do not use soap. Stay away from sexual intercourse if either of the spouses has any infection. Take special care of cleaning the private part after swimming. It is better to stay away from swimming during infection and do not use bathtub while taking bath. Always use cotton undergarments of good quality. Wash such clothes with hands instead of washing machine and always dry them in the sun. Change the undergarments twice a day when there is excessive sweating in the summer season, because sweat is also responsible for this infection. Take special care towards personal hygiene during long journey. Sweets, soft drinks and chocolate, Eat limited number of things like pastry. If any symptoms like itching appear, do not use any medicine from your mind. If any symptoms are seen, consult a gynecologist without delay. Use of some medicines and use of ointments soon removes this problem but do not leave the treatment incomplete and follow all the instructions given by the doctor.