A plane with 107 people on board crashed in a residential area of ​​Pakistan. The aeroplane was an Airbus A-320 that was about to land. It was transporting 99 passengers and eight crew members from Lahore to the southern city of Karachi, the economic capital of the Asian country. The accident caused the fire of at least four houses.

At least eight people died. This Friday when the Airbus A-320 plane of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) company crashed with 99 passengers and eight crew members on board in a residential area of ​​the southern city of Karachi. Official sources predict that the number of fatalities will rise.

“Eight bodies have been recovered so far in the area I am in,” Karachi Police Superintendent Sohail Akhtar told the EFE news agency.

The same source indicated that there are rescue teams in other areas of the residential area where the plane crashed shortly before landing, so the total number of victims is unknown.

The aircraft caused a fire in ” four or five ” houses when it crashed, and according to Akhtar, firefighters have managed to control the fire.

The plane crashed in the early afternoon very close to the airport of the Pakistani economic capital and on the first day of festivities for the end of Ramadan.

It crashed near the Karachi airport. It was one minute from the airport and fell into a residential area,” said Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Abdul Sattar.

The Pakistani Army (ISPR) communication office reported in a statement that it has sent helicopters and troops to the crash area to carry out rescue operations.

Local televisions showed images with smoke coming out of a residential area.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his regret over the accident through his Twitter account and announced an investigation to clarify the causes of the incident.

Saddened by the PIA accident. An investigation will be launched immediately. Prayers and condolences for the families of the deceased,” wrote the president.

The Asian country experienced one of its worst air tragedies in 2012 , when 138 people died in a plane crash near Islamabad.

In December 2016, another accident killed 48 people on a journey between Chitral (north) and Islamabad.


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