New Delhi. The Union Home Minister Amit Shah put the government’s stand on NRC, CAA and Detention Center in the country. He said on the Detention Center and his pictures in the media, “Detention center is a process if it is in the country.” It is for illegal people caught. In Assam, people who are excluded from citizenship are also not kept in Detention Center. He is staying in his house. Detention centers in the country are keeping people who have been caught illegally. If a person is caught without a passport, he has to keep it somewhere. This is the arrangement of this only.

Regarding Detention Center, Amit Shah said that it is a continuous program. He said that if a foreigner is caught, he is first kept in a detention center, because he cannot be kept in jail. Amit Shah said that the people who have been identified in the NRC of Assam have been given 6 months to present their case before the Foreign Tribunal. 19 lakh people did not go to the Detention Center there, staying in their home. If they have no money, then the Government of India is ready to bear the expenses of their lawyer.

Detention center in Assam long back
Amit Shah said that there is a detention center only in Assam. Which is not made today. It is very pre-made. He said that he has no knowledge of the Detention Center in Karnataka and he is not convinced on the complete information of its construction. He also said that it has nothing to do with NRC and CAA. For many years, a system like Detention Center for non citizens has been in India and it has not been made for NRC.

Detention centers not built for NRC Detention centers, which have come up for discussion, keep people caught illegally rather than refuges. We did not hire anyone in Assam. These rumors are being spread. There are some similar arrangements in countries like America. If someone is caught there, it is kept somewhere. We did not create any detention center. If someone is caught committing a crime, then there is a process. Whoever is caught will be kept. Detention center is designed for NRC. This is a long-standing process, which we are following.