Former President Barack Obama sharply criticized the reaction of the Trump administration during the COVID-19 crisis, describing it as “an absolute chaotic disaster”.

Obama’s comments were confirmed by three former Obama administration officials with CNN. According to these officials, this is why former President Obama believes that the Democratic Party must gather with former Vice President Joe Biden to defeat Mr. Trump in November.

According to CNN , during a 30-minute conversation with members of the Obama Alumni Association, Mr. Obama said the reaction to the Trump administration outbreak was a reminder of why there should be a Strong leadership of the government in a global crisis.

The former president’s appeal is to encourage former employees of his time to participate in Mr. Biden’s campaign.

Former President Barack Obama
Former President Barack Obama

The upcoming election at all levels is very important because what we are going to fight is not just an individual or a specific political party. What we are fighting against are the pennies.” long-term direction in which there is selfishness, division, considering others as enemies,” he emphasized.

That’s part of the reason why the current administration’s response to the global crisis is weak and heterogeneous,” Obama said, asserting that this was an absolute mixed disaster.

The former US leader added that he would spend a lot of time campaigning hard for Mr. Biden’s campaign.

Earlier in mid-April, the 44th former president of the United States officially confirmed his support for Joe Biden, the Democratic representative who competed with President Trump in the presidential election later this year.

Biden is a former vice president of the United States, serving under Obama as president.

The US is currently the largest outbreak in the world with 1,327,229 million infections and 78,804 deaths from COVID-19.


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