Studies show that having more oral sex after 40 has multiple benefits for a woman’s sex life.

It is believed that good sex is only had in the first years of youth, but the reality is that over the years, real fun and enjoyment can begin, since prejudices are in the past and intimacy becomes more intense than ever.. Did you know that there are more benefits of having oral sex after 40?

Next, we tell you how you can take advantage of it for a wonderful oral pleasure with your partner.

Oral sex after 40

If you think that after 40, sex becomes boring or unpleasant, you should know that there is nothing more wrong than that, since it has been proven that oral sex can be much more pleasant at that age .

Planned Parenthood notes that oral sex refers to using the mouth to stimulate another person’s genitals, and over time, receiving this type of sexual stimulation can get better and better.

According to research from the Center for the Study of Aging at Duke University, in the United States, 72% of women who are over 40 years old acknowledge having improved their orgasms during sexual intercourse compared to their younger years.

Although it may seem strange, these findings make a lot of sense, because at the beginning of sexual life , encounters can be unpleasant and even painful, because inexperience and lack of knowledge about the body do not allow us to fully explore pleasure.

However, at 40 the story changes, because your sexual experience and what you know about your body allow you better sexual encounters and really enjoy oral sex , because you know exactly where and how you want to be stimulated.

These are all the advantages of having oral sex at 40

1. You have a more open mind

When you reach a certain age of maturity you already have several techniques to please a sexual partner and you are also willing to experience new sensations, allowing you to give and receive better oral sex with different positions, lubricants, flavored condoms or even in the famous 69 position.

2. You just focus on enjoying

While 20-year-old women tend to stress about looking perfect and having their genitals as if they were taken from a movie, at forty that is no longer the most important thing, but rather knowing how to get the most out of sexual intercourse at home and letting him know to the couple the way they enjoy kisses, bites and movements of the tongue on their clitoris.

3. You know you deserve sexual pleasure as much as your partner

The oral sex becomes much more exciting and recurring in each session of intimacy because at forty is no longer shy to ask your partner what you want, because they know and give pleasure, also deserve to receive it and not inhibited in expressing your most erotic desires and fantasies to make them come true.

4. You do it more often

Since it is easier to ask for what you want in bed at forty, oral sex can be part of the foreplay in each relationship more often or in some cases, it can be the main course. In addition, there is more freedom to do it in various corners of the house, from the room to the shower, the tub or on a table. If there are children, they can escape to a hotel one night to let their fantasies come to life.

5. You have more orgasms

The oral sex at 40 allows more and better orgasms in women, so if you enjoy middle age more of these sexual practices, the result will be a larger number of times reaches ecstasy.

You already know, oral sex after 40 does not have be left out, it is the stage in which you can enjoy it even more because there are no longer limitations or prejudices about your own body, so take advantage and go crazy with orgasms.