“Men are never big, only their toys get bigger.” The technology gifts below will probably suit them. Valentine’s Day is not just a day for men to think about gifts for their lovers. This is also the opportunity for women to show the subtlety in choosing a practical gift for their other half.

Home repair tool kit

At VND 650,000, this is a meaningful technology gift for men who like to repair and manufacture. Minor household problems can be easily solved with this tool. This screwdriver comes from Mijia, the brand in Xiaomi’s ecosystem.

The machine has a mid-range torque of 5 Nm, just enough to solve family problems. However, do not confuse this device with a drill because it does not have enough force to screw the spiral even into soft wood.

The machine can adjust the torque to open or tighten the screw. Besides, users can charge the device using the convenient Type C port. The small drawback of this device is the minimalistic design, aluminum handle, so it is not sure with more expensive models.

Automatic ice making machine

For those who like to drink beer, Conair automatic ice making machine will be a meaningful gift. Users can control the quality of ice cubes by using clean water as a raw material.

The product has a capacity of 0.6 kg equivalent to 60 tablets. It takes 6-9 minutes to complete a batch of ice cubes. Therefore, users can enjoy iced drinks continuously without having to wait too long, suitable for family parties. Machine priced from 2 million.

Smart watch

Watches are always the favorite accessory for men. With the development of technology, this item is not only for reading time but also integrating many other features. If you want to buy a smartwatch to give your boyfriend or husband, users should choose a number of criteria such as the operating system they are using, needs and living habits.

If you use an iOS phone, the Apple Watch Series 5 will be the best choice. This model is priced from 10.5 to 21.5 million VND, depending on the size, material and connectivity support.

In addition to the above model, other smartwatch generations from Apple such as Apple Watch Series 3 or 4 are also reasonable options in the price range. The generation of Apple watches basically meet the needs such as listening, receiving calls, watching notifications, measuring heart rate, monitoring health, running some applications … Apple Watch design just changed slightly over lines. However, battery life is a factor that users consider to choose the series.

For Android users, the choice of smartwatch is simpler with models such as Galaxy Watch Active 2, Huawei Watch GT 2 … with the price of less than 7 million. In the price range of less than one million, smart bracelets from Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony also offer many choices for users.

For those who love to exercise, products from Fitbit, Garming will be an advanced option for over 3 million.

Wireless headphones

In 2019, a series of major technology firms launch Truewireless wireless headphones. In the price range of under VND 5 million, names like AirPods 2, Galaxy Buds will be a reasonable choice.

With a price of over 5 million, most Truewirles headphones have active noise cancellation. Notable products include AirPods Pro, Huawei Free Buds 3 and Sony X1000FM3.

Office mouse

If your lover is an office worker, a mouse would be worth considering. The mouse is one of the office workers most touching things. A good mouse helps users get things done faster and more efficiently. Highly rated product for the office world, Logitech MX Anywhere 2S.

This mouse model can connect 3 devices at the same time. At the same time, the bundled software enables users to work simultaneously on 3 devices. In addition, it also supports transferring files from one device to another with just a few clicks. Compact design, long-lasting mouse switch, battery saver and infinity roller are the strong points on this mouse model. Equipment is priced from 1.3 million.

Portable speaker

The speaker is the favorite output device for men. If there is a need to move a lot, portable speaker models such as JBL Flip 4, Sony XB12, will meet the demand as well.

If using speakers as an interior decoration, brands such as Marshall, Fender, Lofree, Divoom with nostalgic design style would be a reasonable choice. The price for portable speaker products is about VND 1.5-7 million.

In particular, the speakers from JBL, Sony are suitable for music that requires thick bass. Meanwhile, Marshall, Fender is suitable for rock and acoustic music. Companies like Bose, Divoom are suitable for diverse music like pop, ballad …

Smart speaker

Smart speakers are a must have if you want to start installing smarthome devices. On the market there are many types of smart speakers from brands like Alexa, Apple. However, the speaker products from Google still bring the most effective in Vietnam market.

The cheapest price for users to own smart speakers today is only about VND 500,000 with the Google Home Mini model. At a higher price, users can choose many other versions such as Google Nest Mini, Google Home, Google Home Max with prices from 1.5 to 7 million.

In addition, some current speakers also include a Google virtual assistant to control smart devices in the home such as JBL Link 20, Marshall Kilburn 2, Sony LF-S50G.

Battery backup

Today, smartphones become the separation of many people. However, not all products have enough power to operate all day with high intensity.

Therefore, the power bank is a meaningful gift to give in all occasions. With high travel demands, a backup battery of 10,000 mAh capacity will be suitable because of its compact size.

In addition, the charger will have many different speed standards such as Power Delivery, MFI (for Apple devices) and Qi. Names like Anker PowerCore Slim II, Xiaomi Gen 3, Energizer QE10000Gy will be a reasonable choice with an amount of 300,000-600,000 VND.

If there is a higher demand for power, such as laptop chargers, the 65 mAh Xiaomi 20,000 mAh charger will be the name that is considering in the price range of less than 700,000 VND.

Shoe deodorizer

In the rainy season, foot odor is the biggest obsession of men. With 650,000 VND, users have owned the device to solve this problem quickly.

Deerma shoe dryer, a product of the Xiaomi ecosystem capable of drying two pairs of shoes at the same time. Constant 65ºC hot air flows through the skin layers in the shoe to effectively kill bacteria and prevent odors.

In addition, the machine has temperature sensors to help shoes from drying out, burning because of overheating. Users can also adjust the mode to match the type of shoe being used.