The number of positive cases of Corona virus is increasing day by day in Gujarat. So far 53 Corona positive cases have been registered in Gujarat. Six more positive cases of coronas were reported in the state. Then there is the worry of the citizens. The state government is also making every effort to ensure that the cases of Corona virus do not increase. The number of corona infections has increased to 53 in Gujarat.

According to information available, 15 cases have been reported in Ahmedabad, 8 in Rajkot, 8 in Vadodara, 7 in Surat and 7 in Gandhinagar; one positive case has been reported in Bhavnagar and Kutch. So far 3 people have died from coronas in the state.

Currently there is a big news coming from Vadodara. Vadodara has registered another positive case of Corona virus. Another male Corona positive has come to Vadodara. Who is 66 years old. Whose report is positively disturbed. With that, the number of cases has increased to 9 in Vadodara. The man is being treated regularly at Gotri Hospital. With that, 48 positive cases of Corona virus have been reported in Gujarat.