How to Avail Loans Without Guarantee to Start Up Your Business? Special Govt Scheme!

How to Avail Loans Without Guarantee to Start Up Your Business? Special Govt Scheme!

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If you want to start a business for which you do not have money, then you do not have to worry anymore. Because Modi government is giving you loan to start business. The government has created Mudra Yojana for small entrepreneurs, under which it becomes easier for entrepreneurs to take loans to start a business. The special thing about this scheme is that the government gives this loan without guarantee. Let us tell you all the important things related to this scheme ..

Benefits of Mudra Scheme: Under the Mudra Scheme, loans are usually given without any guarantee. Under the Mudra scheme, no charge is taken for providing loans. Repayment period can also be extended up to 5 years. Working capital is provided by the currency card.

Facility to give loan without guarantee: The government started this scheme in view of the capital problems of new entrepreneurs starting new businesses. Under this scheme called Micro Unit Development and Refinance Agency Limited (MUDRA), there is a facility to give loans without guarantee.

Interest Rate on Mudra Scheme: There is no fixed rate of interest under this scheme. This rate may vary from bank to bank. The bank also determines the interest rate based on the risk of business of the applicant. Generally, the interest rate of Mudra loan is around 12% per annum.

The biggest need for start ups: The biggest need for start ups is capital. To meet this need, the government has created a fund under SIDBI. This helps new thinking startups get capital.

Call here to take advantage of Mudra Scheme: If you face any problem while taking Mudra loan, you can contact this helpline, website, mail and phone number: Website– /, Mail – [email protected], Call – 1800 -180-1111, 1800-11-0001

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