Today’s Horoscope [26 March 2020, Thursday]: These Zodiac People Must Not Leave House, Alert For This People, Know Today’s Horoscope


The stars of your luck can bring some good news for the natives of Aries, Virgo and Libra. But do not leave the house. The native of Virgo should take special care on this day.  Today’s horoscope has brought a lot for job, business and education as well as family. People of Aquarius will have to be careful while the people of Leo zodiac do not do any work in charge or else there may be trouble. How is today’s day for other zodiac signs?

Aries– Today is the second day of Navaratri, after bathing and doing daily activities, after that, in the idol and photo of all the Gods and Goddesses of your house of worship, apply tilak of any thing available in roli, sandalwood and ashes. Talk to those people who have not been able to talk for a long time. You can talk to close and friends through voice call or video call. The secret data of the office can be misplaced. Suitable for taking beauty treatment. Pregnant women have to take care of health. Those preparing for the competition should focus on weak topics.

Taurus– Worship Goddess Brahmacharini on this day. If a flower is available during the puja, make sure to decorate the goddess with it. On the other hand, do not buy excessive items, keep taking little as needed while curbing unnecessary expenses. Those who do business will be under mental pressure due to concerns about trade. Discuss with the family members and you have to keep everyone positive by creating a positive atmosphere. One should read online book articles so that time can be properly utilized. During the evening, do the Aarti of the family mother. It is also best to offer kheer.

Gemini– On this day, if possible, wear green clothes to mother Durga, if there is raisins in the house, then Durga Maa should be offered raisins. This will give you the ability to fight the disaster that came at home. Continue to do office work smoothly online. In the field of work, you should not keep communication gap with your colleagues at all, you will have to keep working on the phone. The traders who sell goods of foreign companies should become aware. Those people who have recently returned from the hospital will have to be more vigilant about health. On the other hand, there should be no dispute with anyone in the family.

Cancer– On this day, Mother Durga should be offered milk and she should do some opposite among all the members of the house as a Prasad. Keep the temple clean and beautiful. There is going to update your knowledge of planets. Additionally, help Sturdy with the children. Do not be negligent about health, at the same time keeping balance in food and food will not be good for your health. Along with memorizing the students, they also have to understand his technique. You will have to keep pace with your life partner, because their mood can be off about anything.

Leo– Offer apple to Goddess Mother on this day, if it is not available then do not go out to search. Lala colored flowers can also be offered. You have to take special care of one thing that the women of the house should not be angry. Those who work in the field of animation should work on a new project. Your creative mind can give birth to new ideas. Women in health, be careful while working in the kitchen, there is a possibility of fire accident. Family conditions will be fine, keep in mind that on the other hand, do not go outside the house unnecessarily.

Virgo– Offer makeup for Goddess on this day. If you have flowers in your house, make a temple and mother’s decoration with a garland of flowers. Those who expect you should talk with love. The day is going to be auspicious for the people working in the medical field. Keep stock of medicines in your medical shop. Stay alert while going to the slipping place, otherwise there is a possibility of head injury falling, besides this you must also take care that do not eat medicines without checking expiry. There may be some concern about the child.

Libra-Offer fragrant things to the Goddess during worship on this day. Like – apply perfume, sandalwood perfume. This will keep your mind focused and you will see improvement in deteriorating health as well. If you do not mind doing your work, then you should do the work of your interest, but keep in mind that the use of mobile is not included in it. The waist should be taken care of for health, if you sit for a long time and work on the laptop, then it has to be avoided today. Family conditions will be normal. Everyone will be busy with their work. Happiness and satisfaction will come from children.

Scorpio– On this day, the goddess must enjoy the fruit and should pray to the mother to get rid of the disease. You are likely to get some financial profit. A loan given to someone can also be returned. There is no need to keep very fast in official work, the work load will also be less from the company. At the same time, there may be stomach problems related to health, so avoid oily food while eating. Together with the family members should recite the Sundar Kand to guide the younger ones and if they study, then help in the studies.

Sagittarius– Offer banana to the Goddess in fruit on this day and apply yellow sandalwood tilak, if you already have the yellow clothes of Mother Goddess, then wear them today. You can complete the house painting work while spending the day with pleasure. Today will also be a great day for planning. A little attention should be paid to both the intellect and the mind, maybe the mind can motivate you to do such an object or act that will harm you. Relations with brother and sister will be good and the atmosphere will be good in the family.

Capricorn-Worship Bhagwati for long today and pray for the welfare of the world. Sit at home with family and discuss positive things, as well as do not share anyone’s secret things with anyone else otherwise there can be estrangement. While reciting the speech, read the religious text or any inspiring passage and narrate it to the family members. One should not be careless about the cleanliness of the house, especially the responsibility of the bathrooms. Instead of sitting in the middle of the elders, students should do some studies in privacy because this time can prove very useful for them.

Aquarius-You should take the task of cleaning the temple on this day. Offer Goddess with your hands. If you are fasting, consume more fruits than oily food. You have to focus on official tasks, but your mind will not allow you to work, so you have to keep a good coordination of mind and brain. Today is auspicious for those who are on banking sector. One has to be vigilant about health and should do yoga with everyone. If you are overweight then steps will also have to be taken to reduce them. If women who do any work from home, then more attention should be paid to their work.

Pisces– On this day, Durga Maa should be offered Kheer made of saffron, and should also pray for freedom from diseases. Negativity and unknown fear in your mind can dominate the positive energy within you, and you have to focus on your work while being alert towards this. People connected with Kalakshetra should take support of technology, time is appropriate for this. Talking about health, if you are already undergoing treatment, do not be negligent in it. Playing indoor games will be beneficial for children. Spend time with your mother, their relationship will keep you away from mental stress.

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