Tips to make makeup last longer

Tips to make makeup last longer


Sometimes, women are so busy that they don’t have time to touch up the base. Here some tricks so that the look stays throughout the day.

It is unpleasant for women to look in the mirror at the end of the day and discover that they have eyeliner spots under their eyes or that the base is cracked because the makeup did not last longer. Sometimes it is so busy that you do not have time to touch it up, so it is necessary that it be kept as intact as possible throughout the day.

Clean face

To make the makeup last it is essential to wash the face well to achieve a clean surface on which it can adhere. When washing the face, grease and residues are removed that will make the products fix better and longer on the skin. If you have oily complexion, a good idea is to place a few ice cubes inside a cloth and pass it over your face, thus closing the pores and the makeup will remain longer. After washing it, it is also advisable to apply a tonic that is indicated for the skin type.

Use concealer

A very common mistake when putting on makeup is to think that the concealer should be applied after the base. For the makeup to last, the concealer must first be applied to the eyelids. This will make the shadow last longer and prevent creases. Do not forget to apply concealer under the eyes to cover dark circles. Keep eyes closed while drying to achieve a uniform surface.

Choose a good base

Opting for the right base for skin type is essential for lasting makeup. Identify if you have a dry, oily or mixed face and choose the appropriate base. As the name implies, the base is the canvas on which it will begin, so you can make an effort and invest in a good quality is the most recommended. Take into account that it is the same or as similar as possible to the tone.

Apply loose powder

Ideally, apply loose powder and not compact powder , as this will cause the skin to become oily, because they contain oils to achieve this consistency. Apply the loose powder with a brush on the face making small touches. If you are going to use compact powder for retouching it is preferable to do it with a brush and not with a sponge. After applying, spray some fixative product or rose water.

Use powder shadows

It is preferable to opt for powder shadows instead of liquid or cream versions , since the latter tend to lose their effect faster. When the shadow is applied, it is recommended that the brush is a little damp as this can make the makeup last longer. Make the eyeliner stay longer by applying shade of the same color as the eyeliner on the edge of the eyelids with a wet brush. If you have liquid eyeliner it is also a good option, since it stays longer on the skin than ordinary pencils. Depending on how busy the routine is, you can choose to use waterproof mascara, this way you will not have to worry if you sweat or get wet.

Do not neglect the lipstick

Having well hydrated lips is essential to make the paint last , so cocoa butter should be applied with some frequency on them. A good idea to make the makeup last is to apply a little base or concealer on the lips and then loose powder. You can also delineate the lips with a pencil before applying the lipstick. Apply the tone of your choice and remove the excess with a napkin.

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