Facebook Extensively Tested Out the New Web Interface and Here is The Result


Facebook has just launched a beta version of its computer interface for global users, before its official launch later this year.

The new Facebook interface for computers will have a flat design, lots of white space to create a spacious feel. Particularly, the Message Board, Watch, Marketplace, Groups, Gaming … tabs are arranged visually and easily to use, similar on the application for iOS or Android.

New Facebook interface

Besides, the chat feature has also been redesigned. Chat frames are arranged vertically when minimized in the form of a “bubble” in a circle and along the right edge instead of lying below the browser as the old version. This arrangement is more convenient for manipulation, especially when the browser does not turn on in full screen mode.

Besides the default white, the new Facebook interface has a built-in dark mode option, which makes it a better experience, especially for those who use social networks at night, as well as those who do not like. White light. Dark Mode was first revealed by Facebook in May 2019 and tested on the Facebook Messenger for Android app from August 2019.

Currently new features are also available in most of the countries. To use, users can access Facebook> select the triangle in the right corner> select  Switch to the new Facebook interface. Want to go back to the old version, go to the same arrow, select Switch to regular Facebook.

A Facebook spokesman told  The Verge that the testing will be applied until the end of this year, after which the default will be set. During testing, users can switch between the two interfaces.

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