NCOVI Android Application Reached 1 Million Downloads In 10 Days Of Launch


The medical reporting application related to the Covid-19 epidemic reached one million downloads and more than 500 thousand declarations after nearly 10 days of launch.

By the afternoon of March 18, NCOVI application has reached 1,040,000 downloads on the application store, the number of voluntary medical declaration records is 550,000, according to statistics of the Department of Computerization, Ministry of Information and Communications. Information (TT&TT).

NCOVI and Vietnam Health Declaration are two voluntary health declaration applications for Vietnamese and visitors coming out on March 9. Based on data shared by users, the health system will know the cases that need attention to provide the fastest support.

Covid-19 health declaration and monitoring applications are of interest to Vietnamese people

After its launch, the NCOVI app was continuously a heavily downloaded app on the two app stores for iPhone and Android. By noon on March 20, NCOVI is the most downloaded app in the Health category, and ranks third on the App Store in Vietnam, and on Google Play, it is also the top popular Health app.

In the past month, the ranking of applications for smartphones in Vietnam has been constantly changing. Previously, the leading shopping and social networking applications have now given way to health reporting and home-working support applications. In the past week or so, the leader in the most downloaded app rankings is Zoom Cloud Meetings , a virtual meeting room application used by many companies and schools to support meetings and home learning.

Besides NCOVI and Vietnam health declaration, a number of other applications such as Vietnam Health (of the Ministry of Health), Hanoi Smartcity (of Hanoi City) are also recommended to be able to monitor the disease situation, how to Prevent spread the most effectively.

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