Technology That Made a Mother to Meet Her Dead Daughter and Spent Quality Time Trolling Korea, Watch Heartmelting Emotional Video of Mother and Dead Daughter

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I met my daughter who lost her life thanks to VR causing a storm in Korea, said a mother from Korea who lost her daughter in 2016. Reportage made by Korean television station touched many people. In 2016, 7-year-old Nayeon became ill and died. Three years later, Nayeon’s mother, Jang Ji-sung, was able to meet her child in the virtual world again. Or rather, Ji-sung met you again thanks to virtual reality technology.

Mother daughter reunited with lost through virtual reality technology. A mother in South Korea have been met and chatted with her daughter late thanks to virtual reality technology.

The clip, which was posted on MBC (South Korea) on YouTube, entitled “See you again,” has received millions of views. The film shows Ji-sung using a set of virtual reality devices including glasses and gloves, standing in front of a giant green screen and looking back at the image of his daughter.

In that virtual world, Ji-sung was talking, holding hands, even preparing a birthday party with Nayeon. Just seeing the image of her daughter, the mother cried, while her family, including her husband, brother and sister, could not help crying.

“This is the real paradise. I met Nayeon, she called my name and smiled. Even though it only took a moment, this is still a really happy time. I think I have made it.” dream I always yearn “, Ms. Ji-sung shared.

The scene where Jang Ji-sung meets her daughter in the virtual reality world. Photo: MBC

Under the video of MBC, many netizens also shared their feelings after watching the scene of mother and daughter meeting. “I couldn’t stop crying,” a user named Quyen Nguyen shared.

“I want to see my grandmother again and tell how I love her,” commented user Rejeki Jeki.

According to Aju Business Daily , the development team spent 8 months preparing to reunite in the virtual world of mother and daughter. They designed a park like the real-life park that they used to go, and used motion capture technology with a child actor to recreate Nayeon’s movements.

This is not the only group working on projects that help people connect with the deceased through technology. Digital copies of the deceased can be reproduced by combining both old and new data. Some companies also create lifelike robots to replace humans.

The development team used motion tracking technology, combined with real images of the girls and the park where the mother and daughter used to go to let them meet, organize a birthday party. Photo: MBC

“Because you know your loved one has passed away, it’s easy for you to accept their digital version, comforting yourself. There’s nothing wrong or unethical about this,” says the neuroscientist Michael Graziano of Princeton University shared.

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