Bihar board has made history by releasing the inter results in March. Board President Anand Kishore has released the result late Tuesday evening. Daughters have won in all three faculties. A total of 80.44 percent students were successful. The board released the results of the three faculties 42 days after the end of the examination. 

According to the board’s release, Neha Kumari topped the state with 476 marks (95.2 per cent) in the Faculty of Science. Kausar Fatima and Sudhanshu Narayan Chaudhary have jointly topped the commerce faculty scoring 476 (95.2 per cent). In the Faculty of Arts, Sakshi Kumari secured the first position by securing 474 (94.80 per cent) marks. 

0.68% more results than 2019

This time the result of 2019 is 0.68 percent more than that. In 2019, 79.76 per cent students passed. Like last year, toppers have scored more than 90 per cent this time. In the three faculties, students from villages and towns have topped. The board has named the top five of the three faculty. In the top five, 16 in the Faculty of Science, eight in the Faculty of Arts, 10 in the Faculty of Commerce have been named. In this result, a total of 12 lakh 04 thousand 834 students, including the three faculty, attended. These included six lakh 56 thousand 301 students and five lakh 48 thousand 533 students. According to the board, there are four lakh 43 thousand 284 students in first class, four lakh 69 thousand 439 in second class and 56 thousand 115 students in third class.

The result of Corona virus has been directly released on the website of Bihar Board by Chairman of the Board Anand Kishore. The board’s website has been released on and However, this time the board had a major challenge of evaluation due to the teacher strike. Despite this, the board gave the result earlier than last year. 

Bihar Board has released the result six days earlier than 2019 , this time it has given the result six days earlier than last year. In 2019, where the result of Inter came on 30 March. At the same time, the results in 2020 were released on 24 March, six days ago. According to the board, this time the result was released due to software. The processing speed is 16 times more than the 2019 software. This software has also been prepared by Bihar Board for the first time in the country. 

Faculty Student Registration Number Total Marks Rank
Arts Sakshi Kumar R-350040798-18 474 1
Arts Mukesh Kumar R-230280546-18 470 2
Arts Simpi Kumari R-840130626-18 469 3
Arts Rohit Paswan R-820610068-18 465 4
Arts Gyanodaya Kumar R-820610066-18 465 4
Arts Pooja Kumari R-340420219-18 465 4
Arts Naveen Kumar R-820610067-18 464 5
Arts Avadhesh Kumar R-820610065-18 464 5
Commerce Kausar Fatima R-510010019-18 476 1
Commerce Sudhanshu Narayan Chaudhary R-5100104 57-18 476 1
Commerce Beauti Raj R-110150638-18 474 2
Commerce Rahul Kumar R-170010748-18 474 2
Commerce Colonel Kumar R-110091039-18 473 3
Commerce Amit Kumar R-110090964-18 472 4
Commerce Kanal Kumar R-710020791-18 470 5
Commerce Sabiha Parveen R-110150819-18 470 5
Commerce Yashwant Raj R-820610059-18 470 5
Commerce Soumya Bharti R-510050720-18 470 5
Science Neha Kumari R-430700022-18 476 1
Science Vicky Kumar R-410440239-18 474 2
Science Jahangir Alam R-360020136-18 474 2
Science Shivam Kumar Verma R-230020391-18 473 3
Science Manish Kumar Jaiswal R-710430106-18 473 3
Science Naveen Kumar R-530530120-18 471 4
Science Gautam Kumar R-850480035-18 471 4
Science Abhishek Suman R-530010099-18 471 4
Science Shivani Sharma R-850010124-18 471 4
Science Ujjwal Kumar R-230200295-18 471 4
Science Jyotsna Shikha R-220070021-18 471 4
Science Kishan Kumar R-210011068-18 471 4
Science Kishan Kumar R-820610033-18 471 4
Science Sushil Kumar Gupta R-510020445-18 470 5
Science Shreya Kumari R-230020112-18 470 5
Science Ankita Kumari R-530410012-18 470 5


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