The Truth Behind The Viral Chinese Video Showing “Coronavirus Leaving Earth as a Dragon”


A video has gone viral on social media amid reports of positive cases of Covid-19 infection reduction in China. In this video, a dragonlike creature is leaning into the sky. A man is also heard screaming in the background of the video. Because he is shocked to see the dragon going into the sky.

Many have shared the video on WhatsApp and other social media platforms have also claimed that the virus is leaving the earth. While half of them have taken it as a joke. So no one has condemned such strange videos. A Twitter user @tohwer shared this video and wrote in the caption, “See what I saw today in China. The corona virus is leaving the surface of the earth.

According to a report, Anti-Fake News War Room (AFWA) checked the viral video and found out that the video was generated by the software. This video was edited by editing graphics. Other than that, there is nothing else in this video. The video has since gone viral by apps.

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