There are 5,249 new cases of coronavirus in Italy (+ 8.2%) on Tuesday 24 March, a figure that brings the total to 69,176. The daily percentage increase is practically similar to that of Monday 23 (+ 8.1%).

The total death toll returns after falling in the last two days, with a jump of 743 new victims (for a total of 6,820): the second highest value after the record of March 21st. The discharged / recovered, however, reached 8,326, with an increase of 894 units in the previous 24 hours.

Lombardy, slightly up : +1,942 positive, +402 deaths

Lombardy‘s coronavirus positive citizens rose to 30,703 with an increase of 1,942 cases “a little higher than yesterday” when the increase stopped at 1,555. So the Regional Welfare Councilor, Giulio Gallera, during a direct facebook update on the spread of the infection.

“The numbers on Monday 23 were all too positive,” explained the commissioner, reiterating that “the data should not be looked at day by day, because some laboratories are late with the delivery of data and do not enter the counts”.

How to read the data of the Civil Protection

A method premise is essential for the interpretation of the data because the official communication during the press conference of the 18 tends to misunderstand between “currently positive” and “new positive” in the last 24 hours.

The currently positive category includes people found positive for the swab and who are currently in home isolation or hospitalized with symptoms or hospitalized in intensive care.

There are two opposite reasons for leaving the category of currently positive: because they are healed or because, unfortunately, they have died.

The number to consider is therefore that of the total cases since the beginning of the epidemic which is fundamental to follow in the evolution of the crisis. Because it is its variation that tells us how many new Covid-19 patients are really healed and dead every day.

In Lazio 94 infected doctors

Forty recovered in 24 hours (compared to 103 in total), 17 deaths and 188 new cases of positivity, with a trend stable at 12%. These are the data released by the Lazio Region. In hospitals there are a total of 94 cases of contagion in healthcare personnel.

In Emilia-Romagna 9,250 cases

Positive cases in Emilia-Romagna rise to 9,254, 719 more than yesterday. Yesterday the growth had been over 900 cases, therefore, “there is a very significant decrease “, explained the commissioner for the coronavirus emergency in the region, Sergio Venturi, during the live Facebook. Healings are 558, 135 more since the last update, while deaths rise to 985, 93 more. ICU patients are 291: 15 more than yesterday.


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