Italy topped the death from Coronavirus till date and the number has crossed 7500 (exactly 7503 at the time when this article is being written) and there are +683 deaths to previous date and this death number is an average for last 7 days. This figure has alarmed the world and opened eyes of one and all. If country like Italy who is rich with technology, medical facility and all other infrastructure that failed to save live, think about others. So, we are bringing out the data from Italy in details and hope that will open eyes of others by seeing these records.

The first case of Corona case was reported on 24 February 2020 in Italy and on the first day there were 221 corona positive cases. On the next day there was 90 more case reported and the umber reported 311. However, on the first day 1 patient was recovered and on the second day also one more patient recovered. But most dangerous news was, one the first day itself there were 7 deaths from corona and on the second day there were 3 deaths. Then there was no look back. The case of reporting increased day by day and so the death numbers too. Just take a look at the details below which will give you clear daa of each date since the first case was reported in Italy.

As you can see from the above table that till date there are total established cases in the world are 467594 and only Italy has 57.521 positive cases and 7503 deaths and only 9362 recovered so far. To understand the situation in a better way and how it grew on daily basis the below graph will give a better understanding.

The above data is enough to educate anyone about, how to react to the situation and if the country is not wake up at this moment, then it may not exist in the world map tomorrow, because corona virus will not leave it. Better wake up today and save lives.