A person accused of fraud case proved himself dead and changed his name to US and settled there. He was caught when he returned after 28 years out of fear of Corona.

It is said that to hide a lie 100 lies have to be told. To avoid such a fraud case, Nirmal Singh, a resident of Patiala, used to cheat on deception. First he misled CBI by making his death certificate. Then the name changed to America and in terms of technology, number one America in the world was also deceived. It also took the citizenship of America. Now after 28 years, when he came to India from Corona in awe, the CBI caught him.

Death certificate was made after cremation of someone else’s body

On Saturday, a CBI team arrested 65-year-old Nirmal Singh at Kothi in Punjabi Bagh in Patiala. Accused Nirmal was living in the name of NS Bath. A case has also been registered against his wife PS Bath. He has helped her hide.

America went on fake passport in the name of NS Bath, also took citizenship

According to the CBI, in 1985, Nirmal Singh cheated two and a half million. The investigation was handed over to the CBI after the case was high profile. In 1990, CBI registered a case, in 1991, Nirmal Singh’s family showed him dead. Not only this, the body of a person was also cremated as Nirmal and got a death certificate also issued.

After this, Nirmal fled to America to get a fake passport in the name of NS Bath. Fearing Corona, he returned from the US two months earlier. CBI came to know about his return from America and the entire forgery. After this, the CBI team reached to capture him. When he opened his pole, he became unconscious due to panic. His wife was also taken into custody. CBI sub-inspector Vikas Kumar said that both the husband and wife have been taken to Chandigarh from the ambulance. Further action will be taken by getting medical here.

Wife’s quarrel exposed fake fraud

Nirmal Singh’s wife opened a YouTube channel, which she handed over to another person a few months ago. After this there was a dispute between the two, whose complaint was also lodged in the Civil Line Police Station. The feud between the two increased so much that information about this fraud of Nirmal Singh reached the CBI as well and the team caught him on Saturday.

The biggest question, who was the person who died?

It is also being investigated who was the person who died then. Was he murdered at all? The team kept avoiding saving anything about who was cheated and in which case. According to the CBI, a case of cheating of 2.5 million is going on in the High Court.