Demolition Man 2
Demolition Man 2

John Spartan will be released from his cryo chamber … again. If we are currently sure of one thing, it is that Hollywood will not stop taking advantage of the damn nostalgia! But this time, fans of Sylvester Stallone and his films may be very, very happy, given that he himself has just confirmed that the sequel to Demolition Man (1993) is already in development or, as he is known in Spanish. , from The Demolisher .

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More than two decades after the premiere of Demolition Man , Stallone took to Instagram to answer a series of questions from his followers, who questioned him about the future of the science fiction film directed, then, by Marco Brambilla. And 27 years later, it looks like El Demoledor  will be released from his cryo chamber, according to Stallone. 

“I think so. We are working on that now with Warner Bros. and it looks fantastic, ”Stallone said. “Then that should come out, that is going to happen,” Stallone revealed in a video posted on Instagram. 

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Answering the audience

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Coming directly from Stallone himself there would be no reason to doubt that Demolition Man 2 is finally in the works  Yes, we know that currently the entertainment industry, like many others, is on indefinite hiatus given the current circumstances … so no We know where the film is in its development. But yes, Stallone said clearly that the project “looks fantastic”, so we could suspect that at least we could already talk about the existence of a new script for the sequel.

For those who do not know or do not remember it, The Demolisher  is set in the year 2032, in a utopian city called San Angeles that is unaware of violence. The case is that after having revived a bloodthirsty murderer named Simon Phoenix, they are unable to stop him so they also decide to revive the police officer John Spartan to stop him, since the future police are very clumsy to get it.

The movie also starred Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock.