There will be a digital evaluation of the OMR sheet of the Chartered Accountant (CA Final) exam to be held in May 2020. ICAI’s newly appointed President Atul Kumar and Vice President Nihar Niranjan announced it. Under this, the help of latest technology will be taken for checking the answer book. Its purpose is to make a correct marking. ICAI will create Sustainable Accounting Standards for the first time. This will help companies achieve their goals.

Final exam group 1 CA final exam will be held on May 2, 4, 6 and 9. There will be group 2 exams on 11, 13, 15 and 17. These dates will have exams of both old and new syllabus. Recently exam forms have been uploaded on the official website of ICAI. In October-November last year, CA Institute has also started a management development program. Under this, training is being given to develop leadership and managerial skills among the rank holders of CA final. In the first batch, there were 82 rank holders appearances in the special placement program. After training, his placement was 100 percent.

The CA Foundation will have three chances to pass. A committee formed by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) to review the exam system has submitted its report to the CA institute along with the recommendation. The report states that to improve the examination system, the student will now be given three opportunities to pass the CA Foundation.

On these three occasions, if the student is unable to clear the CA Foundation , then asked for suggestions on the draft till 24 February, then will not be allowed to sit in the exam. If a student is clearing the CA Foundation after three prompts, he will also face problems later. He will not be able to complete the CA course. Similarly it has been recommended to prepare model answer to the questions. Suggestions have been sought by February 24 on the draft prepared by the committee. The final draft will then be presented in Parliament. The committee included experts from various fields.