The planet’s largest social network will pay some users in exchange for their voice recordings.

On February 20, Facebook introduced a program to buy user audio recordings to improve the voice recognition system. The move comes after Facebook, along with many tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, were discovered to eavesdrop and illegally use the recording for similar purposes without the customers’ knowledge.

Facebook buys user voice recordings to improve the app. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

According to The Verge , Facebook will allow users to record voices with a program called Pronunciations, part of the Viewpoints market research project. If you are eligible to participate, Facebook will ask to say the phrase “Hey Portal” with the name of a person on your friends list. To complete the recording, you must do this with the names of 10 people and repeat 2 times.

However, Facebook will not pay much for this data. When completing a set of records, users will receive 200 points in the Viewpoints application. If they earn at least 1,000 points, they can exchange 5 USD through PayPal. Facebook said each user has the opportunity to “sell” up to 5 recordings.

Facebook claims the voice recordings provided by users will not connect their accounts. The company also does not share Viewpoints activities and other Facebook-owned services without permission.

Currently, Pronunciations are only available in the US, users aged 18 and over and more than 75 Facebook friends are eligible to participate. The social network says the program will randomly select users, not yet available for all accounts.

Introduced in November 2019, Facebook Viewpoints is an application that allows users to participate in surveys and share personal data to receive bonuses. Previously, Facebook has faced many times accusations of disclosing user information, illegal data mining and eavesdropping.