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Release Date: February 07, 2020
Cast: Varun, Divya Rao and others
Directed by: Narasimha Nandi
Producers: Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Film & Team
Music: Sunil Kashyap
Cinematographer: S. Murali Mohan Reddy
Editor: V Nagireddy

Degree College – Boring Romantic Love Drama / Inexplicable Romantic Love Story / Inexplicable Bold Love Drama

Director Narasimha Nandi’s film ‘Degree College’ starring Varun and Divya Rao. The film, which debuted as a Love and Romantic entertainer, was released today. And let’s see in the review how much the film has impressed the audience

The Story

Shiva (Varun) Parvati (Divya Rao) is studying in the same college. Siva’s status as the poorest of the lower classes is loved by Parivati, the daughter of a respected police officer. Knowing this, Parvati’s father opposes their love. With this, Shiva Parvati gets up and gets married. Parvati’s father is furious and searches for daughter Parvati. Did Siva meet her again? Has Parvati’s father changed his mind? How did the two end their love story? Is to be seen on the screen.

Plus Points

The heroine Divya Rao’s performance in the film is a highlight of the screen. In addition to her dialogues in Telangana Slang, her performance in bold house scenes is impressive. Divya Rao is quite a cutie in the role of Parvati. The hero seemed to have no interest in Varun. He seems to have gained another maturity in terms of acting.

The romantic scenes between the heroine of the film and the housemade song delight.

The actor who played the heroine’s father as a bad police officer, as well as the heroine’s friends, was impressed.

Minus Points

The main weakness of this movie is that it is a slow-moving story, and a novel. It has already been seen in many films that the poor and the wealthy fall in love and the elders are opposed to their love.

Introducing the heroine heroine characters new and fun, the idea that we are going to see a new type of movie. However, the background of the film has changed to Warangal Degree College.

Most of the romantic scenes are inspired by Arjun Reddy’s movie. And the climax of the film actually goes away without logic.

Technical Section

The interesting point is that love between the poorest and the richest, and the problems that arise from it, does not seem to be a novelty as many films have already come to the same point. The screenplay he writes for the film tests the patience of the audience.

Never mind building values. Sunil Kashyap’s music is impressive. He essentially elevated the BGM scenes he gave. Editing by V Nagi Reddy and Murali Mohan Reddy’s cinematography is no exception.


The director’s take on the social concept, such as the gaps between the rich and the poorest of the society, could not please the audience with its slow-moving narrative. The romantic scenes between Divya Rao’s acting and the heroine are some of the highlights of the film. The director’s boring treatment for a newfound story has hurt the film’s outcome. Degree College Movie is not as interesting as a whole.

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