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Review of the Netflix movie “Lost Girls” directed by Liz Garbus with Amy Ryan and Gabriel Byrne

The relationship between Mari Gilbert (Amy Ryan) and her daughter Shannan, whom she gave up for adoption as a child, is not the best. But when Shannan disappears without a trace and is said to have sent an emergency call to the police the night before, Mari panics. He receives no less when he realizes that almost no one cares about the fate of prostitutes and that the investigation is hardly moving. And so she begins to move heaven and hell to get to the bottom of the matter, which leads her to a terrible reality, a serial killer seems to be on the loose, targeting prostitutes.

Netflix has had the best experience with documentaries based on real events, the various movies and series that shed light on real crimes are very popular. It is no wonder that new titles are added to their menu almost every month. Occasionally, however, the streaming service also tells their stories in fictional narrative, hiring real actors and actresses to help bring the story to life, perhaps even creating a little more drama.

The latest example of this is the Lost Girls movie The basis of the story is the so-called Long Island killer, who is said to have killed a dozen people since 1996, mainly women who are prostitutes. The case is quite famous, thanks in part to Robert Kolker’s nonfiction book. To this day, however, the murderer has not been captured, although there were several suspects and various theories.

If you expect a movie to give you a chance to baffle a bit and speculate on the culprit, and perhaps even hope for a surprising ending, you won’t be happy with Lost Girls , because there is no real ending. Of course, from time to time there have been examples of these thrillers and unsolved crime stories. This year’s Oscar winner Bong Joon Ho, for example, used an unsolved serial murder in his first cult film, Memories of Murder , to tell a lot about South Korean society during the transition from a military government to a democracy. and over an incompetent police force.

There’s something like this in Lost Girls: as in many other contributions to the genre. More than the confrontation with the police, the film is a portrait of a society that uses prostitutes, but wants nothing to do with them. Director Liz Garbus, who is otherwise comfortable in the documentary business, takes the opportunity to tell a few things about the murders. When, for example, Shannan and the others are reduced to their sex work on the news, without ever being allowed to be more than that, it is not only a severe blow to their relatives, Garbus shows us a United States far from sleep American, marked by hypocrisy and worry, by a bitter lack of perspective.

Lead actress Amy Ryan manages to embody these everyday difficulties and contradictions when she, also driven by guilt, fights for her lost daughter. While Lost Girls takes care of that, the complicated family history, and the fight for their dignity, the movie is pretty strong, a drama worth watching. Unfortunately, it also wanted to be a classic criminal case, with suspects and leads. Especially towards the end this means that you lose focus on something important to make it less, a situation that in the end does not give us much. It also means that a lot of things are hitting the ground to somehow stretch the story , and lose some tension just as it is supposed to come true.

Liz Garbus’ feature directorial debut brings back memories to some extent of Ben Affleck’s feature debut Gone Baby Gone . Although Affleck’s film tells a fictional story paralleled by real cases, both productions share the lead actress: In Lost Girls , as in Gone Baby Gone , Amy Ryan plays a single mother from poor circumstances who sets off in search of her missing daughter. . And both films show how the origin of a victim can distort public perception of a case. The most expressive and relevant scenes of Lost GirlsThey also show Amy Ryan as an exhausted and desperate mother who struggles to maintain her composure while being rejected by the police. The rage that arises in her can be felt, because she is labeled a troublesome mother due to her narrow account and disheveled appearance, and the late Shannan is directly condemned as a drug victim and fugitive. Garbus lets such scenes run out and captures them with a detached aesthetic, leaving the audience alone with their perceptions, which does not lessen the severity of these moments by pouring morality into the kitsch admonition.

Beyond these scenes, Ryan also convinces with a direct and hectic performance that cleverly mixes with the blurry and oppressive images of Garbus and his cameraman Igor Martinovic. However, however atmospheric and reduced the film may be, the reduced aesthetics and initially minimalist narrative approach gradually diverge. The images and the deliberately muffled sound, suggest fatigue and trepidation, remain, but the condensed narration gradually turns into a sinuous, small-step narration. Screenwriter Michael Werwie, who worked to reach a subtle but disturbing conclusion in his biographical film about serial killer Ted Bundy Extremely evil, surprisingly evil and vile, is bogged down in a summary of the decisions, the misjudgments, and the intuitively found clues that shaped the actual case on which this film is based. A little corruption, a bit of a bad-tempered people mentality in which nobody wants to speak, some character drama and a little criticism of the lazy image of women of many men, all the elements that a film of this type is allows, even has to touch. However, as the film progresses, Lost Girls lacks the critical acumen with which the film began, and the entanglement of these aspects becomes scarce.

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