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Naan Sirithal (2020)[Tamil 720p v1 DVDScr – x264 – 1.4GB], Naan Sirithal (2020)[Tamil v1 DVDScr – x264 – 700MB], Naan Sirithal (2020)[Tamil v1 DVDScr – XviD – MP3 – 700MB], Naan Sirithal (2020)[Tamil v1 DVDScr – x264 – 400MB], Naan Sirithal (2020)[Tamil v1 DVDScr – x264 – 250MB] are the five download links that are leaked by Tamilrockers for the Tamil movie Naan Sirithal released on 14 Feb 2020. The download of “Naan Sirithal” is available through torrent and magnet links. No direct server download links have been provided so far. And more better video quality download links yet to come too. So, if you are happy with the quality posted, you can go ahead and visit the links posted below and know more details about it.

Before we explain about the download links, let’s tell something about the movie and give a short review which will help you to decide whether to watch this movie at your home or go to theaters to watch Naan Sirithal and enjoy with friends. Naan Sirithal is a Tamil comedy drama film starring Hiphop Tamizha and Iswarya Menon are playing a leading role and K. S. Ravikumar is playing a villain role, while Badava Gopi, Eruma Saani Vijay are playing supporting role, written and directed by Raana in his directorial debut. It is a feature film version of Raana’s own short film Keka Beka Keka Beka.


A different problem for the hero Gandhi (Hiphop Tamil Adi). That means laughing at the tension or worry. This is why he has trouble with life. Jallian Gandhi has a girlfriend called Ankita (Aishwarya Menon).

There will always be a friends gang in the Adi movie. This film is no exception. Adi Delhi Babu (KS Ravikumar) and Chakrai (Ravi Maria) are involved in a gang fight that seeks to find one of the gang of friends. The story is about Adi smiling and getting into trouble.

Adi just smiles. Laughing at him didn’t make us laugh so much. Gang fights are not as impressive. Friendship, romance, family sentiment for a great movie, but everything is half-hearted. Even comedy scenes do not bring laughter. Adi does not seem to be impressed by the problem.

Chemistry between father and son is fine. But it did not lend a hand. Dummy Piece of Heroin. The songs are supposed to be there. The scenes of Yogi Babu are okay. It is great to see Adi, friends and beaten lutee. But Adi misses something.

However, if Adi stops singing, the ears will be fine. So, if I smile, slow down.

Now talking about the download links, there are total 5 download links of Naan Sirithal (2020) Tamil movie and exclusive details of the download informations are posted in the individual download links information page given below. You need to visit those specific pages to find more about the download information. However, we would like to mention some specific information before you leave this page, the downloads are provided only through torrent and magnet server for the movie Naan Sirithal (2020) Tamil movie. If you are reading this torrent and magnet words for the first time or do not know how to download through this option, you can see this guide where we have given all the information and genuine software required to download movies. This will not take more than 3 minutes to read this guide and this will help you throughout.

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1. Naan Sirithal (2020)[Tamil 720p v1 DVDScr – x264 – 1.4GB] [Click Here]

2. Naan Sirithal (2020)[Tamil v1 DVDScr – x264 – 700MB] [Click Here]

3. Naan Sirithal (2020)[Tamil v1 DVDScr – XviD – MP3 – 700MB] [Click Here]

4. Naan Sirithal (2020)[Tamil v1 DVDScr – x264 – 400MB] [Click Here]

5. Naan Sirithal (2020)[Tamil v1 DVDScr – x264 – 250MB] [Click Here]

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