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Cast: Nandu, Priyanka Sarma, Srikanth Mani, Sivakumar, Madi and others.
Story, Screenplay, Speech , Visibility : Sahit Mothkuri
Producer: Santosh Mothkuri, Nishankreddy Right
Music: Shekharchandra
Cinematography: Monish Bhupathiraju
Editing by: Santosh Menam
Release Date: 07-02- 2020
Rating: 2/5

He has been a solo hero for 100% love and wedding hits. 365 Days 2015 with Crazy Viser Verma also failed to make Nanduni a hero. Taking a few gaps in the hero’s presence , the audience was brought up with a fresh new story. Sahit Mothkuri, who won the Saima Award with the short story movie ‘Bandam Ragged’, was the visionary for the film. Priyanka Sharma will be the heroine of the movie, released this Friday. How true is this film? Impressed? Or if you know how frustrated you always are, go into the story.

The story:
The king is a middle-aged teenager living in the slum area. He has a knight (Bad Shah). It is based on life. Suddenly, Bad Shah has a catastrophic situation. From this, the king is fighting with Kovala to save Bad Shah. That practice turns into love. King Bad Shah would not appear at the same time. Who is this? What was the reason behind Bad Shah’s disappearance? Did King Shahri find Bad Shah? What twists and turns did the king’s love for Bhagi have? How happy he was.

He now has two roles as a hero and hero friend, but he is well known for his career. Everybody understands that the film is a good actor in terms of the way the character is designed to look good. The heroine Priyanka Sharma was impressed with the role of Paridimera. Srikanth Mani, Sivakumar and Madi were impressed by the role of the characters. The rest have nothing to say about them. Because there are no notable actors.

The story is the key to such a small film. But there is no trust in the story. Routine Cathay. Such is the routine of Kathakki Shekhar Chandra music and Monish Bhupathiraju’s cinematography. Shekhar Chandra made an impressive effort with the background music and songs, while Monish Bhupathiraju was very impressed with the cinematography. In other words, Shekhar Chandra and Monish Bhupathiraju contested the output. The viewer took the routine lovestory and added a horse sentiment to it, telling a new story. The three categories – story, screenplay, vision, etc. – have not been able to do justice to any of them. The film remains a routine film.

As the trailer opens with the trailer, the audience is outraged. The lack of anything in the film beyond the content of the trailer is a big minus. The old kathane cooked and added a horse to it and said something like experimenting. But this is what got the film going. The film’s lack of content on how much to expect in the trailer .. Routine Kathane’s choice for the film, the “ride” did not impress the audience. Nowadays, the audience is flocking to the theater for a small movie, which is exactly what audiences are hoping for.

Movie inko range lo undi. Many critics have panned the film. I read few critic review saying that songs and music is just okay, but the public views for songs are in millions and theater lo ah songs ki response and ah screen degara ki velli dance cheyadam full too entertainment asalu.The rawness and cult comedy is just mind blowing. Neatly delivered the story. Songs, love story, animal bonding and acting of actors are simply super, Inka emi kavali oka manchi movie ki entha Kanna. New kind off content ni accept cheyali.

Movie keka. Simply super. Songs and comedy are highlights of the movie. Neatly delivered new concept. TFI needs such kind off movies. Many critics have been negatively targeted the movie but the movie is receiving very good response from public in theatres. Time to accept the new concept. Go and watch it in theatres with family and friends. You’ll definitely enjoy it.

Best performance by both Nandu and Priyanka.Refreshing content. Movie was filled with comedy. The connection between the horse and Raju (Nandu) was very heart touching. Songs are awesome. Direction was good. TFI definitely need these kind off movies. Overall it was feel good film. Do support the new content.

Movie content was very refreshing. Cult comedy (mind blowing). Nandu and Priyanka were awesome. The slang used in the movie is very good. The rawness and originality of the characters and scenes in movie are brilliantly directed. No words for music, best album of 2020. Just go and watch the movie in theaters.

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