The entry of people involved in Tablighi Markaz in Haryana has caused a stir. It is said that about 503 people from Nizamuddin have arrived in Haryana. The government will investigate and quarantine them.

Hundreds of people involved in Tablighi Markaz in Nizamuddin, Delhi have come to Haryana. This has caused a stir in the state. Till date 503 such people have been detected. Till Tuesday, the Haryana government had information about the entry of about 200 such people in the state, but on Wednesday it was found that the number is 503. These people have come from Nizamuddin to different districts of Haryana. All these will be investigated by the government and they will be quarantined. Police and Health Department teams have raided the mosques at many places.

The government will keep an eye on these people who entered Nizamuddin in Haryana, everyone will be investigated

It is said that the Haryana government has found all these people who have entered the state from Nizamuddin and started preparing for their corona test. Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij has confirmed the arrival of 503 people in the state. Most of them are from Tamil Nadu and 72 are foreigners. People of Nepal have also been involved in this Tablighi Jamaat.

Teams of Police and Health Department arrived for investigation in mosques in Panipat

72 foreign nationals from Nizamuddin in various districts of Haryana

According to the information, four people from Nizamuddin who joined Tablighi Markaz have come to Kaithal. However, the Health Department has not confirmed that they have come from Nizamuddin, but six other people have come in contact with these Muslim people who have returned from Delhi, after identifying the health department, the isolation ward of District Civil Hospital Kept in These people are being told of the cities of Pundari, Guhla and Kaithal. Now the total number of people kept in isolation ward has increased to 11. Of these, 10 are from the Muslim community.

Another young man has been kept in the ward on Wednesday after he showed symptoms like corona. The report of three, including a young man who has returned from abroad, has been discharged after coming negative. No positive cases have been reported in the district so far. So far 27 reports have been received out of a total of 38 people, which is negative. PMO of District Civil Hospital, Dr. Omprakash told that isolation ward of 100 beds has been made. A total of 11 people are kept. No positive case has come in the district so far, which is a matter of relief.

Health department team carrying people for investigation in Panipat

On the other hand, in the case of Tablighi Jamaat Center (Markaj) in Nizamuddin, Delhi in the state, police raided mosques at many places. 44 people from Panipat are said to have come from Nizamuddin. A nine people from Karnal attended the program. One of them came back and eight are still in Delhi. The person who came to Karnal was quarantined for 14 days at the center at Kunjpura.

Apart from this, 56 people have been received from Yamunanagar and 33 from Jagadhri. All these are being screened. Currently all these have been quarantined for 14 days. In Ambala Cantonment, 10 people have come through Nizamuddin. Aslam Nizamuddin Markaz, a resident of Durga Colony in Jind, was involved. Where his health deteriorates, he is admitted to a hospital in Delhi.

Health department team investigating mosque in Tohana

In this episode, the team of Fatehabad District Police and Health Department also raided the mosque of Tohana. During this time 11 people were found here. All were evacuated from here to a home shelter built at Rambhavan. The entire team of the Health Department reached the spot as soon as the matter was reported. All were screened. Two people had fever and cough. All have been quarantined. Samples of both sick people were taken on Wednesday. A team of Health Department has been placed there, which will monitor their health.

A medical checkup was carried out at the Dhigawa mandi in Bhiwani, one of the two people from the returned Muslim community from Delhi. The person is quarantined. A person works in the electricity board of the village itself. One is said to be missing there. At the same time, about 100 people have been brought from Nizamuddin on Tuesday in Jhajjar’s Badalsa National Cancer Institute. All these have been quarantined while they are being investigated.