Ethiopia has just admitted to the downing of Kenya’s COVID-19 aid cargo plane to the Somali government, expecting the plane to prepare for a “deadly attack”.

Al Jazeera news agency reported on May 9 that an Ethiopian military release to the African Union (AU) confirmed its troops had shot down a Kenyan private plane carrying relief supplies against COVID-19 for itself. cover Somalia on 4-5 days in the town of Bardale, southwestern Somalia. All six crew members were killed.

The statement said the Ethiopian military at the time of the incident mistook the aircraft for a “suicide attack” because it had not been told that a relief aircraft would fly by. The aircraft at that time also flew relatively low.

The scene of the crash of an aid cargo plane from Kenya was shot down on 4-5 days
The scene of the crash of an aid cargo plane from Kenya was shot down on 4-5 days. Photo: REUTERS

“Due to the lack of communication and information between the parties, the plane was shot down. The incident will require investigation cooperation from both Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya,” the Ethiopian military statement said. Reacting to the incident, Kenyan officials said they were surprised to hear the plane was shot down by Ethiopia.

It is known that Ethiopia and Kenya are the two countries that send troops to join the AU peacekeeping force deployed in Somalia on the AU peacekeeping mission to deal with extremist terrorist groups.

The accidental shooting also occurred at a time when relations between Kenya and Somalia tended to be tense. Last month, Kenya accused Somali troops of conducting provocative attacks on the border areas of the two countries.

In response, Somalia accused its neighbors of abusing its peacekeeping mission to interfere in its internal affairs.


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