Former Google engineer Anthony Lewandowski admitted to stealing commercial information about unmanned vehicles from the company and transferring it to competitors. On Friday, March 20, reports Agence France Presse, referring to the statement of Lewandowski, which was at his disposal.

According to the agency, Lewandowski worked in the company from 2009 to 2016. In recognition, he pointed out that before his dismissal, he downloaded documentation on the development of technologies for unmanned vehicles, in particular, on the creation of a radar with which the car is able to detect obstacles in its path and measure distances. Lewandowski himself led the unit developing the radar.

In August 2019, prosecutors filed Lewandowski charges of 33 points. The engineer admitted only one of them.

According to AFP, the cost of stolen documents can be up to $ 1.5 million, the defendant faces 10 years in prison and a fine of $ 250 thousand.

On December 31, Microsoft said that DPRK hackers were able to steal important information from computer networks of customers in the United States.


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