Facebook 'Squeezes' Interaction With Non-Governmental Accounts

Facebook will check the identity of the accounts with highly interactive posts to limit false information or spread fake.

According to Facebook, with posts with strong viral coverage and high engagement, account holders will have to confirm their identities. The social network will send a notice asking the account holder to provide authentication information, such as a personal identification number (ID), citizenship or identity document.

Facebook is aggressively demanding that users verify their real identities
Facebook is aggressively demanding that users verify their real identities

If the account holder does not provide the right papers, the information does not match, or refuses to provide, those highly interactive articles will be restricted from access. That is, Facebook will use an algorithm that limits the number of people who see that article.

In addition, if the unverified account is an administrator of a fanpage, that account will also be banned from operating the site. This is stated in the “Pages Publisher Authorization” provision announced by Facebook in 2018.

These changes are in an effort to encourage users to verify their true identities on Facebook. Besides, it also aims to limit fake news, false messages, “view sentences”, “like sentences” … from fake accounts – something that social networks have struggled to control over time. .

In addition, the request to verify the true identity also helps Facebook control the political campaigns related to foreign governments. In 2018, the social network once asked political advertisers to verify their identities. A year later, the company continued to require advertisers to provide additional government-issued identification numbers (IDs) before placing ads on Facebook.