In the audio world, separating the vocals and the instruments of a song can be a somewhat complicated task. In other words, extracting the voices from a song deserves a series of knowledge that allows the vocals to be obtained without a trace of music underneath. However, there are online solutions that promise to do so and whose results are really good, however, they generally deserve payments in order to use them. In this sense, we want to present you a new service that will allow you to achieve it without cost or registration processes.

Its name is Lalal and under a process that does not warrant our intervention, it will allow you to extract voices and music from any song.

Separate voices and music

The task of separating the elements of a song is highly occupied by DJs and music producers, using them in their mixes and song remake. In that sense, a tool that allows automatic extraction of voices and music would be excellent to increase productivity, saving us the time to separate these elements of the song manually. Precisely in this is the value of a service like Lalal, which without the need for intervention allows us to download voices and music separately in seconds.

To start using Lalal you will not need to carry out additional registration or payment processes, so everything will be a matter of entering the website and uploading your song. Once the file is loaded, the system will take a few seconds to process it, and then it will show two files, the one for the voice and the one for the music.

You will have the possibility to reproduce them from the same page and if you are satisfied with the result you can download it immediately. Thus, under a process that takes no more than a minute, you will be able to obtain perfect acapella voices to use in your work.

To try it out, follow this link.