Although hardly anyone uses cables anymore, right? Still Google came out with this.

The cables seem to have stuck in the past decade, but Google still relies on them to the degree that its experimental division has just unveiled the design of a new braided headphone cable through which you can control certain functions of the phone, such as going up and down. volume or change songs. It’s called I / O Braid, but the idea seems more ambitious than that, when currently most cellular devices have abandoned headphone ports.

Through a demonstration video, Google unveiled its headphones that are made up of something that the company has called a “helical detection matrix” , which is capable of registering multiple commands through a network of capacitive and conductive sensors that are found along the length and width of the cable, which is also surrounded by fiber optic strands. Sensors let you control the music playback of devices by tapping to pause a song or double-tapping to play. If you twist or pinch the cable, you can raise and lower the volume.

Here you can see the demo:

Although everyone uses wireless headphones now, it does not seem that this is an invention that Google plans to launch in the medium term. Rather, it is a technology that it plans to implement in clothing , whether in a sweater or pants, through which devices and even smart speakers could be controlled.


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