If you are using Google AdSense for quite some time, you might have observed that Google AdSense dashboard had an option where you were able to set the Ad Balance for your site. The purpose of this was to “focus on your best-performing ads“. Only to display the ads that are tend to make maximum money for you, improve the overall visitor experience of your site at minimal cost for you. Use the slider to reduce the number of ads and see the estimated impact this has on your revenue.

google adsense ad balance retires

Also this options was allowing to set up an experiment to see ow the setting performs. Google keeps reminding you about this and suggested almost 100% of its publishers to use this Ad Balance feature and was purely optional. With the “Experiment” set up you could see the performance of the ad balance setting and do changes accordingly to improve the performance too.

Ad Balance Experiment

Google introduced this Ad Balance feature keeping in mind that it would benefit the Publishers. But it is observed that with the Ad Balance set up, there were many ads getting blocked which was affecting the advertisers. For example, if there is a ad balance set up of 50%, then 50% of the low paying ads are almost not visible on the site affecting the advertisers to have low visibility of their ads and ultimately affecting the business of both Google and the Advertiser.

To avoid this issue, and have the visibility, Google now removes the “Ad Balance” feature for ever. Google thanked every publisher for using Ad Balance. This decision is taken based on the feedback from millions of publishers, that made Google to decided to retire the ad balance feature.

What does this mean by “Retiring ad balance”?

Google is removing the ad balance from AdSense account starting from 10 June 2020. This happens automatically. you are not required to take any action at this time.

Ad serving Impact

When Google turns off the ad balance, this will result in more ads will start showing on your sites as the ads which were excluded with ad balance will then be allowed. This will be the equivalent of setting your ad balance fill rate to 100%. If you currently have set a fill rate of lower than 100%, you will now start to see more ads on your site(s).

What Happens to Your Earnings?

This change in ad balance is expected to have a neutral or positive effect on your earnings. You may see a change to your overall RPM and impressions too once this feature comes to an end and everything can be visible in a couple of weeks time.

What Happens to Ad Balance Experiments?

As ad balance goes off line, the same happens to ad experiment option and also remove the ad balance experiment option, including all completed and in-progress ad balance experiments, from 10 June 2020. You can download your data from previous experiments until then. After 10 June 2020, no data will be available for access in your AdSense Dashboard.

What to do next?

There are many other controls over how ads appear on your site(s) which may be tried. We encourage you to try these out:

Blocking controls
Ad review center
The ad load feature in Auto Ads

We can certainly say this is a good attempt to remove ad balance and allow both Advertisers and Publishers to get benefited from this. We would love to hear from you on this movie by Google. What are your thought on this?


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