After 16 years of activity, Facebook has become a real mine of personal information for each user. It is a social network that in principle was widely used as a photo album, so at the moment the number of albums that users are hosting is really huge. In this sense, there are those who need to make a backup of these images and although they could download the ones they need, it is also possible to save them in the cloud.

Therefore, we want to introduce you to the necessary steps to backup your Facebook images to Google Photos easily and without resorting to third-party services.

Take your Facebook photos to Google Photos

Google Photos has become one of the main tools for saving images that we have available. This is mainly due to its ease of access, considering that we can automatically back up the photos we take from the smartphone. However, although it is very little known, there is the possibility of linking this service with Facebook in order to use it to store the photo albums we have on the social network. The process is really simple and it is only enough to find the correct menu to start the backup process.

To get started, head over to your Facebook account and then click the button in the upper right corner, which will display the configuration options. Once there, click on “Settings and Privacy” and this will show you a new menu where we must enter the “Settings.

This will take you to another screen with a series of options, the one that interests us, is located on the left side panel and is identified as “Your Facebook information”. When the corresponding options are displayed in the center of the screen, enter “Transfer a copy of your photos and videos.”

Next, the platform will ask you to enter your password again and then show you the options for transferring photos and videos. Here, go to the “Choose destination” section where you will find a drop-down menu and when you click on it, “Google Photos” will be displayed. Select it, choose if you want to copy your photos, videos or both and that’s it.

The process is not really fast, however in the “Activity” section you will see the progress of the backup. In this way, you will have saved in Google Photos, all the multimedia material that you store in Facebook.