Old Smartphone: Use an old phone, make CCTV!

How To Use An Old Smart Phone To Make Cctv For Home Use
How To Use An Old Smart Phone To Make Cctv For Home Use

What to do with an old phone when buying a new phone? No need for it .. Thus it is more than just throwing the old phone into the corner. But if you’re interested in a technical thing, using an old phone can have many benefits. The old phone can also be used as a CCTV camera now needed!

This is the truth. People have become accustomed to the tradition of the world. For this, any change is ready. Today, not only their costume, but also the luxury vehicle and smartphone are changing over time. Costumes are new clothes that can be worn at home or donated to the needy and the charity. If it is a luxury vehicle, then there are those who remember it or sell it as a second hand, as the love for it falls short. But, with each new phone, we see the old phone losing its original value and getting sidetracked.

Don’t neglect to be an old phone

Smartphones sell to children, or new phone craze, or mobile shops at second-hand prices and buyers are looking for new ones. But, if using the phone as a CCTV security camera is not good? The money for the purchase of a new camera remained. However, it is essential to know this.

The middle class and the wealthy prefer to use high quality CCTV cameras that work 24 hours a day for the security of their home members, property assets and office and businesses. For this, don’t be afraid to spend money like water. But, in this case, if you use your own ie smartphones in the corner, isn’t that good? Although sold as a second hand, it is not so expensive.

Use as a security camera

So, instead of selling it, use it as a baby monitor, remote doorbell camera or security camera. It captures a variety of activities that occur 24 hours a day. Using the ‘DIY‘ trick, any speaker can be transformed into a smartphone speaker. However, using the DIY guideline, the smartphone can be used as a security camera.

How to Setup

With regard to using smartphones as security cameras, phones must be modified to function 24 hours a day. For this, continuous power means charging is needed to prevent its work from shutting down. Thus, the phone cam camera must be installed either side of the switchboard or near the extension board. This gives the camera continuous charging.

Now mark the space where the camera is most needed, be it the children’s room, the door, the main gate, etc. Collectively, fix the most space on that camera.

Two smartphones are required

Setting Up To Build Cctv Camera With Two Old Smartphones
Setting Up To Build Cctv Camera With Two Old Smartphones

For clarity when it comes to camera installation, it means you need two smartphones to capture the scene and make it visible from our location. Use an old phone for camera use. You need to have Alfred App installed on that phone so you can watch the scene on the phone’s camera. Visual observation is called web weaver.

The old phone and the phone you use have their own responsibilities, but some of them may need to be installed. It can be used only afterwards. There are many apps available on Google Play Store. The security camera features such as Online Streaming, Local Streaming, Record and Save.

Download App

Alfred Home Security Camera, Baby Monitor, Webcam Android Application
Alfred Home Security Camera, Baby Monitor, Webcam Android Application

Download the same security camera app at both time. Alfred Security Camera CZ, CCTV Camera. Alfred App is good. Now download the app on both phones, e-mail and login. Among phones, use the old one for the camera and the phone you’re using. After this, the old phone will start capturing any scene captured. Provides the ability to record, capture and on-process recording of the scenes you need on your phone.

There are many similar apps. It captures everything. Store it in the phone’s storage. Be sure to put extra memory cards on that phone to increase storage capacity. This helps to store more photo and video.


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