Applications powered by artificial intelligence and its different variants such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning, open the door to very interesting possibilities that we are seeing today. We have an example of this in all the applications that currently offer the removal of the background of a photo automatically, the creation of faces from scratch and even the recognition of an email to send it to a certain category.

However, today we want to present you with an application that we found very interesting, since its function is to recognize an image and search for a phrase that matches its appearance to create images with quotes in seconds. Its name is Perfect Quote.

Images with dating via AI

Machine Learning technology refers to the use of algorithms with the ability to adapt to different scenarios and behaviors without programming them. In this sense, the applications that use it tend to be trained by receiving inputs from different contexts to which it adapts to provide the best response. Speaking specifically of Perfect Quote, the application has the ability to receive any image and based on its content and appearance, it will capture the phrase that best suits you.

Creating images with quotes is very common nowadays and works very well for social media posts. However, when creating them, we could spend hours looking for a good phrase for the image and in this case, Perfect Quote will do it for us.

The process of use is based on the selection of an image, which the app will take to search for a phrase within the 5 million that it incorporates. In this way, in a matter of seconds, you will find the best match and everything will be a matter of giving it the editing touches you want to get the image ready and publish it. It should be noted that Perfect Quote incorporates templates that will allow you to give a much more attractive finish to your images with quotes.

To download it on Android, follow this link.

To download it on iOS, follow this link.