Image compression is a very common process when working with images for the internet. However, very little is said about the opposite process, that is, improving the quality of the image. It is a somewhat complicated process that has been put at the hand of users thanks to neural network technology and artificial intelligence and then we will present you a very easy to use and with a free plan that will allow us to improve our images.

This is Lets Enhance and it has a really simple process where we can quickly improve our low-quality photos.

Enhance your images in seconds

While the compression process is based on pixel removal, the process of increasing size or improving quality involves adding data in order to stretch the image. However, this is not so simple and many services do not offer the best results when it comes to improving the appearance of an image. However, the case of Lets Enhance is different, since it is powered by artificial intelligence trained with thousands of images in order to make possible the recognition of objects to obtain more precision when adding data to improve the photo.

It should be noted that the process of using Lets Enhance involves creating an account on the service with your email. On the other hand, it is a paid service that has a free plan where you can work up to 5 images each month.

To start improving a photo in Lets Enhance everything is a matter of entering the work area and uploading the photo. Then, a window will be displayed with options to improve the image: photos and arts, illustrations, add texture and improve colors. Select the one that best suits your needs and in a matter of seconds you will have the result ready to download, with the possibility of comparing it with the image we use as a base.

Thus, with the minimum intervention you can improve your images in just a few seconds, to publish them later wherever you want.

To try it out, follow this link.