Janta Curfew is an initiative by PM Modi to demobilize the corona virus and stop transmission. While addressing to the nation on Wednesday, Modi appealed to the nation to stay at home from 7AM to 9PM inside house. This Janta Curfew is a scientific action that have the direct reaction on the corona virus. As per the medical report, corona virus life at one place is 12 hrs, and the Janta Curfew is for 14 hours. The logic behind this movement restriction is, if a person do not go out, s/he is safe from being getting infected and do not come in contact with the infected objects and persons, and those who are infected, they also do not transmit the virus to others and in this self quarantine period of 14 hours the virus also gets killed by itself. Apart from all these health benefits, you get time to relax at home, spend quality time with family more importantly a perfect time to get rid of all other stress.

PM Modi urges citizens to exercise ‘Janata Curfew’ on 22nd March…Find out why!

Seeing the havoc of the Corona virus, the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has imposed a public curfew on Sunday, 22 March. The entire country will remain closed on the day of public curfew. People are strictly instructed to stay in their home. Only working people will not get out of the house if there is no necessary work. In such a situation, whether things like milk, vegetables and fruits and petrol will be available. There is curiosity among people on this.

PM Modi’s address to the nation on Corona Virus


Some petrol pumps will open

More than 54000 outlet owners and members of the Consortium of Indian Petroleum Dealers (CIPD) and the All Indian Organization of Petrol Bunk have decided to support the Janata curfew on Sunday. CIPD General Secretary K.K. Sureshkumar said that in case of emergency, petrol pumps with some employees will be open. He said that only the staff of Saturday night will remain at the petrol pump and their duty will continue on Sunday.

Restaurants will be closed

M. Venkadasubu, president of the Tamil Nadu Hotties Association, said that restaurant owners in Tamil Nadu have decided to join the Janata curfew. When the Prime Minister can make such a call to avoid the havoc of the Corona virus, we also have a duty to join him in his effort to root out the Corona virus.

He said that there are 1 restaurant in the state and there are 50 lakh employees associated with these restaurants. All have decided to support Nata Cuffreau. On Sunday, employees associated with all the restaurants in the state have been asked to stay in the house. Will keep the restaurant closed on Sunday.

Indian Railways

All passenger trains originating between midnight of March 21/22 to 2200 hours of March 22 shall not run. However, the passenger train services already on run at 0700 hours on the day will be allowed to run to the destinations. Indian Railways: Suburban services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Secunderabad shall be reduced to bare minimum level only to cater to essential travel requirement on March 22, Sunday.

Suburban services in Mumbai Delhi Kolkata Chennai and Secunderabad shall be reduced to bare minimum level only to cater to essential travel requirement on March 22 Sunday - Covid-19: Brakes on Passenger, Mail and Express Trains on Janata Curfew Day 22 March 2020

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath: We all must adhere to ‘Janta curfew’ called by the Prime Minister. All metro rail, state and city bus services in the state to remain closed tomorrow

Educated people do not take precaution when they are coming to India from abroad by getting corona infected,and why are they allowed to reach lower educated and grassroots level?Do we not know what is the population density of our country?#COVID2019india #JantaCurfew

The best example is Kanika Kapoor being the medium to probable infecting President Ram Nath Kovind.

Janta Curfew is “Of The People”, “By The People”, and “For The People”. It’s our wish to save ourselves. So, participate in this movement and make it a big success. Do not forget to thank those who are risking their lives in this dangerous time by clapping for them at 5PM on 22 March 2020 for 5 minutes by standing in your balcony or inside home which is convenient for you. Since they take so much of risk for us, we must complement them for their services. We must thank all people associated with health departments starting from doctors, nurses, medicine store operators, ambulance operators, drivers, and many such other people who are directly or indirectly providing their services to cure corona infected people. They need a huge round of blows and they deserve it from us. Let’s make it a huge success and let them know we are aware of what sacrifices they are doing for us.