“i Will Continue To Believe”: The Blunt Answer Of Paty Navidad Celebrities That Criticize
“i Will Continue To Believe”: The Blunt Answer Of Paty Navidad Celebrities That Criticize
To Paty Christmas does not matter that the criticism and also that those who raise their voice against it are their own peers in the art world in Mexico.

Famous for their peculiar views on a variety of topics ranging from the origin of the coronavirus to climate change, Christmas has been a trend in several occasions on Twitter for their messages.

However, far from feeling bad about the negative comments, the actress is grateful to those who give time to read what you write.

“I’m very sorry that there are people very angry of my medium, the artistic medium, many friends and colleagues outraged by my opinions. I suggest with respect, and affection that do not come to me, speak of you, we all have the same rights,” he explained in one of his videos.

To present the clip, Christmas wrote a message where he also reflected on the criticisms against it.

“My Conscience has more value, importance and weight to the negative opinions of others, which are attacked and judged, you judge and insult as well, and I don’t think they know the storms that people were able to cross in his time of trial, it would have to have a blameless life to be able to point the finger at others with so much lightness and severity, and not be the tail that each and every one drag, let’s take care of the words, they qualify to who says them and the mouth always speaks of what abounds in the heart. Anyone we are owners of absolute truth and opinions are just opinions. Nice and blessed weekend!!!!”.

In the other clip, Christmas also referred to their peers in the middle that take the time to read and give an opinion, agree or not, to criticize or to judge, discredit or mock it. Everything I receive with much gratitude… words always qualify to the one who says”.

The videos of Christmas arrived just days after I returned to become a trend in social networks, now for your opinion on technology 5G.

Through a thread revealed the alleged origin and intentions of this network. “At the end of the 1970s, the scientists of the Laboratories of the Lawrence Livermore were developing what they called a bomb brain: a weapon of low frequency energy that could be used in a battlefield to settle the brains of thousands of soldiers at once,” he wrote on Twitter.

According to the actress, such a technology involves hundreds, thousands and millions of microchips in homes, cities, even our body. “A chip biometric that will be used to access the next reality 5G built-in that is implemented quickly”. He further said that the project is a masonic where “we are the only batteries without a soul used to boost to the elite of Lucifer”.

The actress said that humans are going to be programmed to become “another thing”, since our DNA organic will be replaced by metal, which opens the door to trans-humanism with the integration of the 5G on our bodies.

“The goal is to become machines, programmed to perform certain jobs, certain thoughts and to emit the negative emotions that promote and normalize the permanent war”, tweeted.

Christmas took advantage and made a last call to escape from the technological network 5G, because-he said – puts at risk both our free will, as our humanity will be radically reduced and may even cease to exist”.