Many people are surprised to know the price of the simple items that Kylie Jenner wears.

At the age of 22, Kylie Jenner has become a billionaire who owns a fortune of up to $ 1 billion . Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when the top hot girl regularly publishes a lavish life image, wearing a series of valuable brand names.

Besides the clothes that look brand-name, Kylie quite loves the designs with simple designs, looks normal but only fashion connoisseurs know its “terrible” value.

Recently, 9X beauties attracted attention when posting pictures of sexy swimsuits with striking orange jeans, showing off the ant waist. The most striking feature of this outfit is the tiny diamond earrings and personality pants.

The outfit helps flatter the attractive look of a single child mother

The aforementioned pants are part of the Chrome Hearts x Off-White collection launched in 2018. This design has a shelf price of about $ 1,780 but sold out quickly after the debut. To own this model pants at the present time, you have to spend up to 18,000 USD .

And yet, though small, sparkling earrings appeared with billionaire 9X also attracted the attention of netizens. This is a jewelry from Harry Kotlar and is priced at $ 50,570.

Most dresses, jewelry in the pictures that Kylie Jenner posted on social networks are priced “in the sky”

Kylie Jenner’s wardrobe is the dream of many girls. Not only owning a series of expensive clothes and skirts from the most famous fashion houses. She also has a collection of rare shoes and luxurious jewelry.

The diamond necklace has the shape of a beautiful blue butterfly that used to be “grabbed” by artist Elliot Eliantte. The gift of about 60,000 USD is a gift from her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott.