Lockdown 5 Guideline The Union Home Ministry has issued guidelines regarding the relief from lockdown. Under this, relaxation will be done in a phased manner outside the Containment Zone.

The central government has started unlocking the country through lockdown. The guidelines issued by the Union Home Ministry will be gradually relaxed in three phases from lockdown in the coming days. However, strict restrictions will continue in the containment zone. According to the guideline, phase wise reliefs will be provided outside the containment zones. In the first phase, religious places and public places of worship, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality services and shopping malls will be opened from June 8, but conditions will also be applicable with it. Learn how to get relief in phases and when and what will be opened.

First phase

After this, religious places, places of worship, hotels, restaurants and services related to hospitality, shopping malls will be opened after 8 June.

Second phase

Schools, colleges, education, training and coaching institutes will be able to open, but the state governments will take a decision about these after talking to the parents of schools and children. However, it will be decided in July whether the schools are opened or not.

Third phase

In this phase, international flights, metro rail services, cinema halls, gyms, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theaters, bars, auditoriums, assembly halls and the like are being lost to common people. It is in this phase that social, political rallies, sports events, academic and cultural events, religious ceremonies and other large gatherings are expected to be started. However, the decision to start them will be taken only after taking stock of the situation.

Night curfew will continue

According to the guidelines issued, the night curfew will continue but the curfew rule will not be applicable for essential services. Night curfew will now be from 9 am to 5 am. Till now it used to remain in lockdown from 7 am to 7 am. However, strict prohibition will continue with Section 144 at night.

Movement of states

The ban on moving from one state to another has been completely lifted. Not only this, people will also be able to go from one district to another in the state. However, for this they have to follow social distancing. There is no need to take any permission or e-permit before going somewhere.

These rules have to be followed in public places

People will need to apply masks during travel or in public places. Also it will be necessary to follow social distance. Not only this, spitting in public place will be fined. The crowd will be banned. Only 50 people will attend the wedding ceremony while 20 people will attend the funeral. Work from home will be preferred and thermal screening will be emphasized. Human touch instruments like door handles etc. have to be sanitized. Social distancing has to be followed in offices.

Strict restrictions will remain in force in the Containment Zone

The fifth phase of lockdown will remain in force till June 30 in the Containment Zone. These zones will be decided by the district administration based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. Only the most essential activities will be allowed in the Containment Zone. The movement of people in these areas will be stopped except medical emergency services and necessary supplies. Not only this, contact tracing will also be done to identify patients in the Containment Zone. Government employees will go door-to-door monitoring and take necessary steps.

These reliefs outside the Containment Zone

According to the guidelines issued, everything will remain closed inside the Containment Zone, but the rest of the activities will be returned in a phased manner outside the Containment Zone. However, conditions will apply with them.

Advice for child and elderly to stay in homes

Instructions issued by the government said that elderly people above 65 years and children below 10 years should not leave their homes unless there is a medical emergency or very important work.

Instructions on Arogya Setu App

The offices have been instructed by the Central Government to ensure that the Arogya Setu App is installed in the mobile of every employee. On behalf of the district administration, common people can also be asked to do the same. The government argues that with the help of the Arogya Setu app, one gets information about the danger of Corona.

States get more rights

Earlier reports had said that economic activity would be given more priority in the next phase of lockdown. Not only this, the state governments will get more responsibility, this time the states have been given more power. State governments will decide how buses and metro services will be started in the states. State governments will be able to impose restrictions on their level and take many decisions on reliefs.

State governments will determine buffer zone

In the guidelines issued by the central government, more rights have been given to the state governments. State governments will identify buffer zones outside the containment zones. There will be areas in the buffer zone where the risk of new cases of corona infection is high. Restrictions can also be continued inside the buffer zone. State governments may restrict certain activities outside the Containment Zone while also enforcing restrictions on some.

It is known that for the prevention of corona, Prime Minister Narendra Modi first announced a 21-day lockdown on 24 March. It was then extended first to 3 May and then to 17 May and later to 31 May. The first lockdown issued from 25 March to 14 April lasted for 21 days in which only essential goods shops were allowed to open. The second phase of the lockdown lasted for 19 days from 15 April to 3 May in which the Orange and Green zones were allowed to open shops except the Red Zone. In the fourth phase of lockdown from May 4 to 17, trains and buses were allowed to run for migrant laborers.