The country is a lockdown to defend against Corona but this lockdown is overshadowing the workers. Stomach fire troubled people so much that they had come home from Delhi on foot. The government is beating the prey of giving arrangements, but the reality is that in such a long distance, a dozen people were not allowed to eat anywhere. Along the way, they all faced heavy crises during hunger.

A dozen people were seen walking from Delhi’s Shankar Nagar to the house after the ongoing work from Corona. All these people do the work of celibacy to maintain the family. On Friday, when these people appeared near Dhensa village on the Siddharthnagar-Shoratgarh road for bags and bags, told their sorrows that they had covered the distance of 750 km in six days. A day before the public curfew, the owner asked to go to the village citing the closure of work. These people were able to understand that suddenly the country became lockdown. Getting means was not possible. Somewhere along the way, the tractor drivers kept sitting as far as they were going. This may have reduced their distance, but the fire of hunger in the stomach could not be erased anywhere.

Goli of Saha Pakri village in Chillia region said that they live their lives by working. Suddenly the captive created a problem. If we did not get the means, then we were forced to walk to the house on foot. Abhiraj, a resident of Madarahia Tola of Sirsia of Shohargarh region, Raju of Pipri-Pakri, Udayaraj told that after the lockdown, prices of ration materials were touching in Delhi. There was not much money to sit and eat for three weeks. Compulsion has covered such a long distance so that the stomach fire can be extinguished at home. If we do not reach home by walking from Delhi, then you have to die of hunger. Along with all these women and children were also involved.

Food and drink items were not found

People who reached Siddharthnagar from Delhi said that the government is talking about focusing on the poor, but in traveling such a long distance, food and drink was not found anywhere. Somehow he has reached his home.

All those who will be in the home quarantine

All the peoplewho have reached the district from Delhi have been checked on the health team by sealing the Basti-Siddharthanagar border. Everyone’s health is better. All of them have been advised to stay in homes for 14 days. In the meantime, cold, fever and shortness of breath have been asked to contact immediately.