Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh minister Imarti Devi has once again come into the limelight. A dance of Minister of Women and Child Development Imrati Devi is becoming very viral on social media. Minister in the state government, Imarti Devi, has danced to the Bollywood song ‘Mujhko Rana Ji Maafna’. While this dance video of the minister is going viral on Facebook, Twitter, the state BJP minister is also tightening the dance. On the dance video of the minister, the Madhya Pradesh Congress defended Imrati Devi and said that it is wrong to dance someone.

According to the information, the video is of a wedding ceremony taking place in Dabra assembly constituency. Let me tell you that Minister Emrati Devi always remains in the headlines in Madhya Pradesh government. Imrati Devi has been in the discussion before for one of her speeches during Republic Day.

After this, many such videos of Imrati Devi have come which became very viral in social media. In one such viral video of the minister, Imrati Devi was saying that she will not get the doctor transferred. It takes money, so suspend it. The video of the doctor’s transfer was being reported on 24 September. Imrati Devi then went to Dabra to inspect the hospital itself.