Among the social impacts of the coronavirus is the rapid dismantling of the celebrity cult. The people of haters go wild against the positivity messages sent by the stars from their millionaire houses.

# guillotine2020

The crises bring out the best and the worst from each and it can also happen that the coronavirus transforms the web into a virtual Place de la Concorde (but just as bloody as that of the Revolution) with a growing population of haters that under the hashtag # guillotine2020 unleash their social hatred against famous people who from their villas with swimming pools – or even worse from their yatch – give their attentive recommendations to stay home (etc.), following their example. The list of the “sentenced to the guillotine” inevitably opens with Madonna, who became a naked preacher from her bathtub, surrounded by rose petals; here then the rapper of the Bronx Cardi B .. who complains from his instagram profile because he is closed at home and cannot wear the usual expensive clothes. Other poisonous messages were then sent to the pop idol Ronan Keating and the American singer-songwriter Pink, but Robert De Niro and Jared Leto also ended up in the sights. The Daily Mail comes to draw up a ranking of the characters who with their attentive appeals to goodness have turned into true professionals of hypocrisy while comfortably “in quarantine” in their golden worlds.

Pharrell Williams

Among the social impacts of coronavirus is the rapid dismantling of the cult of celebrities. Actors with their talent have always represented meritocracy, but when society and economics freeze, the differences between social classes become more and more evident, writes the New York Times . So when Pharrell Williams asked his followers to donate to help first-line rescuers, they immediately replied that they were “emptying their deep pockets.”

Jared Leto in the desert

And Jared Leto was also contested. The American singer and actor appeared on Instagram since his 12-day meditation retreat in the desert ,: “Wow, we were totally isolated, we had no idea what was going on outside ..”, he writes on March 17, but “court” of the Social people point out that, having left on March 5, he was the first to not respect the public health emergency: “The government had issued the highest warning not to” travel “and countries like China and Italy were in a locked state. Crazy ignorance».

Robert De Niro

America in crisis underlines the differences. Celebrities from their homes remember to stay home and invite to stay positive. De Niro also does it with an effective message: “Stay home, I’ll watch you.” But the gaze of the web watchers falls on the details of the shot: “it is fixed on the refined wall visible behind the actor’s shoulder”. And the comparisons start.

The billionaire’s quarantine on the yacht

And even more they make the billionaires stupid who invite ordinary mortals to respect self-isolation by posting selfies from their golden shores. «Sunset last night …. – reads the caption accompanying the photo of the American David Geffen -. Isolated off the Caribbean archipelago of the Grenadines to avoid the virus. I hope everyone is safe. ” The web guillotins covered him with insults until he was forced to close his Instagram account.

Bono and the Italians on the roof

And Bono also ends up in the blacklist: the leader of U2 dedicated his new ballad “Let Your Love Be Known” to Italian doctors and, posting it on instagram, he invited our compatriots to “sing it from the roofs”. But a critic replies sharply: “Didn’t they suffer enough?”

Gal Gadot in the wardrobe

Not even the Wonder Woman Gal Gadot is spared. His interpretation of Lennon’s “Imagine” is rejected without reservation and even the selfie from the super walk-in closet that until yesterday was a fan classic now seems a jarring note.


Madonna is back very active on social issues, offering her contribution to the fight against coronavirus by posting videos in which she reads poems, interactive spots with an invitation to stay at home. It is not enough to make her forgive the story from the bathroom of her sumptuous $ 20 million house, naked in a bathroom surrounded by candles full of rose petals, debating that the virus is the “great equalizer”. “Yeah, for sure. I guess those candles alone can feed a healthcare professional for six months. As for the rose petals, we can only hope and pray that they will not clog his pipes and require a plumber to break away from the vital work related to the emergency virus to repair it, “writes Piers Morgan in the Daily Mail.